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Set up your own personal radio station in Apple Music.

A while ago I subscribed to Apple Music so I could have some choons on my iPhone while cycling. I then discovered I could have my own personal radio station in Apple Music which is a mixture of tracks from favourite albums I downloaded into Apple Music and some tracks Apple Music believes are similar to my favourites.

You simply download a few of your favourite albums and tracks so the algorithm can get some pointers for the type of music you like. You can also flag tracks suggested by Apple Music as ‘love’ or ‘suggest less like this’ to refine your personal algorithm.

I have discovered so many great artists and albums just listening to my personal radio station, and it is so entertaining.

Apple Music is £9.99 per month, has a vast library and is great value IMV. As my phone contract has unlimited minutes and loads of free data, like most these days, I can listen for free while on the move.

Apologies if this is old news.

A kind of Roon radio when cycling, I presume.

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I understand the attraction but I’ve never understood the idea of discovering music similar to what you already have. I’d get very bored very quickly.

The algorithm seems to explore within a genre it associates with your downloads and ‘love’ flags, rather than like artists. I initially downloaded albums I would enjoy on a sedate cycle ride. It seems to give me more hits than misses this way.

I suspect if I initially downloaded disparate genres the algorithm might have got confused.

The tracks it has suggested are mostly from artists that are dissimilar enough that I don’t get bored. If I don’t like something I flag ‘Suggest Less Like This’, and skip to the next suggestion.

I got a 3 month free trial with Apple Music, so as long as you remember to cancel, there is no risk.

I’m not sure that wearing earbuds (or headphones) while cycling is a good idea? Especially not if they have good exclusion of external noise. For road cycling it arguably may be against the Highway Code. On shared paths it is a hazard with all too many pedestrians wearing earbuds, oblivious to their surroundings and blocking the path for anyone moving faster than they are, and sometimes not even aware of others approaching from in front!

That aside, the service indeed might suit people who like random music selection, with certainties mixed in.

To be clear, I am not recommending cycling while wearing earbuds. Will we next be asking drivers to keep their car audio systems off? I am sure forumites are able to make their own decisions without ‘nannying’.

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