A "head scratcher" of an issue

I’ve had a love affair with my NAIM CD5 for a couple of decades. But recently, something has gone awry. The volume is reduced, all dynamics are gone and the sound is vague and distant. I don’t know how else to describe it. I’ve switched the inputs and no change. Other hardware (dac/streamer) works just fine. What could be at issue here? Bonus question – I can’t affix the puck squarely on top of the CD as the disc won’t be read. But if I angle it, with 1-2 magnets on the spindle and 1-2 off, it works fine. Been like that for years so I didn’t bother to address. But as long as I’m joining the community, I thought I’d inquire! Much thanks in advance –

Hi and welcome to the mad house!!

I’m no technical man but I’m wondering first of all as you seem to have done the obvious elimination checks, if you have spoken to your dealer or Naim? Bearing in mind the puck issue, it sounds like your CD5 (a good piece of kit, I used to have one) may need a service. Another thought, I started to have problems at one stage with some discs not being read. I replaced the puck which solved the problem completely. I obtained one on line, so that might be worth a go!

On the CD5, the magnet is on the hub. It does sound like you need a new clamp.

However, the apparent volume reduction, vague sound and lack of dynamics would also suggest other issues, possibly related to the electronics requiring service attention. @NeilS may have a better idea here.

Definitely agree on a new clamp required. As for the output issue, difficult to say without seeing it. Must be something common to both channels if both are affected, so that would suggest DAC or op-amp power supplys. It is possible that the final pair of op-amps can be damaged by something nasty being injected into the output.
If you’ve not had it serviced from new, that would be my recommendation. Any other issues would be addressed at the same time.


This is of direct interest to me. I’m still trying to resolve my CD sound and have concluded since the 202 came back from Class A that the intermittent lack of mids/bass has to be the CDX2. Puck is near new. My dealer did speculate it night be the op amps? Could that explain the loss?

Time for a service

Thanks for all the comments! Much obliged. I failed to mention that it’s an intermittent problem. It’s working fine right now. But mostly it hasn’t for a few months. I use a flat cap power supply too. But switching it in and out doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’ll have to locate a service center in the NYC area and get it checked out. Thanks all!

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