A juvenile delinquent

Had our first bear sighting this year on the property just now, a cub, apparently on its own. Took a liking to a bottle of deer repellent concentrate left on a rack outside, spilled some, then wandered off with the plastic container.


You must be used to it, being a teddy bear yerself :wink:

maybe, but that deer repellent per ounce costs as much as some single malts.
We are NOT amused :angry:

My son and daughter-in-law live outside Seattle, and have had bears help themselves to deliveries of dog and cat food. If I think too much about it, it keeps me awake at night!

We have smaller (& cuter) critters round our way.

Here’s my little friend tucking into a grape I put out the window :chipmunk::grapes:

And right on cue … my daughter-in-law posted this today.

That’s two bears ambling along the outside of the backyard fence.

Hopefully better behaved……. :wink:

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