A moot point regarding NSC222?

Absolutely excellent! After that, you pays your money etc……

I’m really struggling to justify the additional expense of an NPX300 based on my own experience with the NC 222/250 pairing. Yes, of course it’ll be better but ……


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Yep, even deciding why you want something can be a challenge. Before I bought my last car (Honda CRV) I first went to a Landrover dealer (having previously owned three) and sat in each of their cars from the bottom to the top of the range. I then went to the Honda dealer and sat in the CRV. Even though I really wanted a Landrover, I knew I would buy the CRV. The decision was not financial but the combination of multiple other considerations. :man_shrugging:. Now in the 8th year of ownership and still feels like new. :blush:


Yes I agree on all that you write. I am aiming for a more modern solution. That is a good idea. I’ll have a word with the dealer and see if a deal on his demo units are a viable option and if course then have the possibility to return them if they aren’t to my satisfaction.

I’ve also discussed the cables needed if going this route and if keeping the 555.

Just a thought… The NSC222 is very new, relatively. Not saying a used (or ex-dem) one is impossible, but… perhaps relatively rare. This will change, given time.

I can see the logic of a newer streamer, with better functionality being preferred over an older unit, with less… :expressionless:

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Exactly. They have opinions like anyone else. The buyer needs to take some responsibility. My dealer here in Sapporo is great. Very helpful. Lets me borrow things. But our views on what constitutes good, preferred brands, upgrade paths, you name it, are quite frankly polar opposites. He rolls his eyes when I mention Naim and I wave my hands to indicate “not even vaguely interested - change topic” when he tries to steer me towards Mark Levinson, McIntosh or Avant Guarde. But we understand each other.


Yes I would guess that a demo unit won’t be available for quite some time. But the off chance the dealer has part exchanged a unit could be.

Sure and I have a bad habit of thinking everyone is like me. Still after a 51 year long life. I guess some people never learn😅

Mind you, depending upon where you are in the world, there does appear to be a few preowned NC 222/250’s creeping on to the market, perhaps as early adopters move to NC 300 Series….?

Plus there should be some ex demo stuff start to appear as of Jan 24, so not too long to wait now.

Best of luck with your search.


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I’m not sure if it’s commonly known but whilst some dealers may sell Naim kit not all of them can sell 500 and Statement products. This privilege is reserved for the few dealers that can supply the necessary skills, knowledge and know how. Therefore, I’m not really surprised he’d try to talk up the 300 as that’s the best level he can sell.

The ‘wise words’ from my dealer, who can sell 500/Statement level gear, was that the NC kit is priced exactly where he says the SQ sits in the hierarchy of Naim equipment. Not quite as good as a 300 and a long way off 500 levels.

Have you heard your 222/250 with an NPX 300? When I demo’ed a 222/300/250 recently I found the difference more noticeable when the NPX was removed!

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Did you enjoy it more with or without the NPX300


And I’m amazed of this question and that people do not go listen for themself at such expensive kit.
Triggered by a dealer ?

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t too clear. With the NPX added the sound was much more coherent and musical. When it was removed (as I can’t really justify to SWMBO the cost) the difference it made was very noticeable. Still good, but not as enjoyable, which is making me think I’m going to have to renegotiate my budget :weary:.

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I may find myself in a similar position, and I doubt auditioning will make it any easier :smirk:.


Well it is and odd view, esp considering he doesn’t expect to sell you a 222, suggesting he actually believes a ND5XS2 outperforms a NDS. That would tell me his impressions can’t be relied upon. Not all dealers are created equal, I could rely on my first Naim dealer when I lived in Chicago (Pro Musica) for straightforward and impartial info wrt products. They exist to sell products of course but I didn’t have to worry about them pushing me into a product I didn’t want or just to sell something. I can’t say the same for other Naim dealers I’ve used unfortunately. Hopefully you’re able to line up a home demo.


Really? How so? Isn’t it plausible that a reputable persons opinion makes one consider or reconsider something?

Is your opinion that people can’t influence other people?

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The 222 is fine without an NPX300 but with one is better in every respect. I have an NPX300 with mine and would find it very hard to give it up because of the uplift in SQ with it.
It will be different to what you currently have. Better for you, only you can answer that by giving it a try.


By whom?

There is no way that an ND5XS2 comes close to NDS with 555PSDR or XPS2.

The ND5XS2 is very good but sounds bright in comparison and lacks depth and sheer quality of NDS.

The ND5XS2 is a better streaming platform.

The 333 plus NPX300 is more at the level of NDS with 555PSDR. But then 333 has latest streaming platform. So probably edges ahead for that reason.

I use the ND5XS2 as streaming platform with NDS as DAC with 555PS. It has the sound quality of the NDS but with the latest streaming platform.

The dealer who says ND5XS2 sounds better probably hasn’t even heard an NDS. Having said that having later generation gear has positives. In 5 years time the technology will change again!


Owning 222/300/250, my sentiments exactly. I heard the difference a 300 made to a 222/250 and wasn’t prepared to sacrifice the uplift the 300 gives.

Having said that I would be prepared to add the 300 at a later date.