A more modest - and very satisfying system

The Uptone JS-2 was the final bit to round off my desktop system. Of all the systems I have - this gets the most use, surprisingly enough - and is now extremely well balanced and satisfying.

Highly Recommended:

  • Uptone JS-2 powering both a Dynavector Phono Stage and a Chord Qutest simultaneously.
  • Rega RP6 + Hana ML
  • Supernait 3
  • Tellirium Q Black II speaker cables
  • Harbeth P3ESR - just plonked on the desktop
  • Oh - and almost forgot - a Totem Kin Mini Subwoofer as well.

Fast enough - but I use this at work - so mostly play stuff that the Harbeths excel on - mostly voices and classical.
Will update the thread as I do more listening.

First impressions of the JS-2 - just makes the system all come together nicely. Highly recommended!


Compared to the Dynavector 20x2, the HanaML adds a touch of warmness to the music.

Have you had to add a VTA spacer to raise the arm to allow for the height of the ML?

Yes - I did that when I went for the Dynavector about a year ago.

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