A New Country!

I don’t consider myself a fan of Uri Geller, but I do think this a fascinating story.

It’s a steep climb to carry your black boxes up.

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And no electricity to power them when you get there😀

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Geller is an absolute scam artist. James Randi explained why many times.

Didn’t he get outed as a fraud by accident bendinding spoons under the table by Noel Edmunds?

Yes, and on the Carson Tonight show in the USA where his crew were not allowed to touch the props that were used on the show. Randi was asked to help set up the ‘supernatural’ feats for Geller to demonstrate his powers. All failed. ‘I don’t feel strong tonight,’ was his excuse for not being able to demonstrate his ‘powers.’ It is on YouTube and is worth a watch to see a fake make excuses.

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