A new (to me) issue on the Naim app

At home in Wimbledon, I use the Naim app on my iphones a lot because I use the NDX2 a lot. It works well, except when it doesn’t - but that is happening more often.

Rather than looking like this: -

I am often greeted with this: -

It’s easy to fix: I just log out of everything, switch off the telephone, switch it back on and then log in to whatever I was using all over again. However, this is very annoying and has recently become necessary rather often - it could be between songs and several times in a day.

Does anyone know how to avoid this? The wi-fi itself seems robust, and I’d like to avoid adding Roon to my app collection if possible.

All help gratefully received.

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Can you not just stop the app (by swiping it off) and then restart it? You don’t need to log out of anything or restart your phone.

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Can you explain in terms a moron would follow?

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With the relevant app open on the screen, swipe up to about half way and then you can see whatever apps are open in the background. Let go and then swipe up on the now slightly smaller view of the app you want to close.

This “stops” the app, rather than just hides it. Then re-open the app by tapping on the icon as normal.

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Or if you have a home button Double click then swipe up to kill off open unused apps


The “swiping up” in both of the above methods, is up and away, so swipe the smaller version of the app up and off the top of the screen.


My multiple attempts were an exercise in clumsiness, but I think I have it now, and it does indeed restore the expected layout on the app. Many thanks to all.


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