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My dear uncle passed away earlier this month after a short battle with stomach cancer, I was with him to the end which was very upsetting but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. He, David must’ve been thinking he didn’t have very much longer when I stayed with him last Christmas as he mentioned the songs he would like to be played at his funeral. I didn’t really take it seriously and I said that I felt sure he’d be around for quite sometime and he agreed but I hadn’t realised just how bad he was.
Since he passed and being next of kin, I’ve been sorting through his house and luckily I’ve found the list of songs he talked about but I’ve drawn a blank on one of them by Leonard Cohen. He had written its title as ‘So Many’ but I cannot find it listed so I was wondering if maybe those words are sung quite often in a particular song which he may have mistaken to be the title…? I’ve asked some of his friends but no one has any idea.
I know there are a few Cohen fans here so if any of you may have an inkling as to which song it may be, please leave a reply. I’d be most grateful for any help.

My apologies if I’ve put this in the wrong place but it is music related in its own way.


Firstly let me say I’m really sorry for your loss.

Secondly I wonder if “so many” just meant “so many to choose from”. I’m sure collectively members here can come up with something appropriate, I’ll think about it too.

I think “sisters of mercy” would be a good choice, and perhaps “so many” is a misreading of “s.o. mercy” is that possible?


@Speedtrip sorry for your loss

another So which comes to mind is “so Long Marrine” live in London album

good luck with search

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@Speedtrip sorry for your loss. I couldn’t find anything that could be mistaken for So Many. Maybe @robert_h might be right there are so many great Cohen tracks. There’s lot of tracks like Closing Time, Going Home, Suzanne, I’m Your Man to name a few but without knowing your Uncle I wouldn’t want to pick, best wishes and good luck.

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@Speedtrip, sorry for your loss.

I think @robert_h might be on to something, but if not, have a look at the lyrics for the song The Faith.

All the best


Thanks guys, you’ve been a great help and yes, Robert may be on to something. Some of David’s close friends have mentioned Suzanne which I will listen to and the other songs you’ve all mentioned. Thanks once again


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Listen to "if it be your will"from the “Warious Positions” album.

Going to take a punt that this was just an abbreviation of So Long Marianne or Sisters Of Mercy.

I echo the commiserations offered and wouldn’t worry too much about getting every last thing right. I think the “there are so many” explanation is most likely correct so perhaps just choose your favourite Cohen song?

If it was me, I’d probably go for Anthem. Have a listen if you don’t know it. Whether you choose it or not, it may give you strength.

Sounds like you’re doing him proud, well done.


Sorry for your loss. Cohen did have a knowing sense of humour running through most of his work. I would suggest one that’s more obvious.
Perhaps. "Dance me to the end of love’

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Night Comes On, from the “Can’t Forget” album is one of my favourites at the moment - but indeed, so many to choose from, it doesn’t really matter which you decide to play.

There is a Leonard Cohen fan site on Facebook, they *really * know their stuff -good luck

I think that is a superb song for a funeral

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I chose the music for my dad’s funeral, who died at 94. We started with some Glen Miller and ended with three Sinatra songs. They were all upbeat and everyone just sat and listened to them and it really lifted the mood.

I love Laughing Len’s music but he can be a bit - let’s say glum - and you don’t want to have your guests wanting to slit their wrists. Try to find something that celebrates a good life well lived, ideally focusing on something relevant to your dear uncle. My dad loved dancing when he was young, so I chose songs with that theme.

Leonard Cohen’s music seemed relevant to Speedtrip’s departed uncle… so why choose something else?

I’ve been fond of Leonard Cohen’s songs since the late sixties, and I’ve never had the slightest wish to slash my wrists… There’s a lot of self-deprecating humour in those songs, if you know where to look.

Sorry, I wasn’t suggesting not using a Cohen piece, merely that it was something that played to uncle’s interests. So I he liked dancing, Dance me to the end of love, for example. I fully understand the humour, but all the guests may not. I hope that makes sense.


Thank you all for your condolences and song recommendations, you’ve all been a great help. I listened to many of Cohen’s songs yesterday evening, Sisters of Mercy I thought was quite poignant and as I said earlier, many of David’s friends have said Suzanne would be a good choice.
I must confess to not being a Cohen fan although I can see why so many people are drawn to his songs.
With limited time allowed inside the chapel, I think thirty minutes, music choice is quite important. In fact, David had written out a list of eight pieces that he wished to be played, no eulogy, I do feel quite bad that we’re going against his wishes in that respect but he had a great many friends in his hometown and I’m sure they would like to hear about him as they’ve come to say goodbye.
Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit was a firm favourite of my uncle and he also made a firm mention of Al Jolson singing When I Leave the World Behind which is both touching and uplifting so it won’t all be doom and gloom.


Likewise, I think he could have meant there were so many possibilities. Treaty from his last album, You Want It Darker, may be appropriate.

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