A priveliged problem only Naim owners can understand (NAC 272)

So, I went from 272+250DR through 555DR all the way to NDX2/555DR+252/Supercap+300DR during covid.

This is now my main system - and I have the 272 unconnected on top of a Superuniti which is the base of my bedroom system.

I really do appreciate the system. However - it is six boxes, and the whole thing is a bit “much”. I am really comfortable with it now - but might not be forever. Being a forward-thinking guy it might be nice to have the possibility to go towards a 3 or 4 box-solution in the future.

The NAP300DR is not going anywhere for the next 10 years, I reackon.

So - if I let the 272 go, and there never is a new 272 (streamer+preamp) - do I have anywhere else to go? Or should I just let my 272 sit there cold for years “just in case six boxes becomes too much”.

I simply cant make myself let it go (partly because second-hand 272s only shows up once every 1-2 years). Any good ideas would be welcomed :slight_smile:

As you go up the ladder, the number of boxes naturally increases. The smallest pre power is 2 boxes eg 202/200 and even then you can add a napsc. Imagine a 282 with twin hicaps and a napsc! So 282/250 can be 4 or 5 boxes depending.
If you want the simple solution, then it’s back down to 272/250 or be happy you are at my personal favourite level of 300. (At least for sound, I’m currently happy with sn2/hicap). My guess is 272/300 is a little unbalanced.


272/555PSDR/300DR unbalanced? :man_shrugging:

Oh well if you’re gonna stick in a 555ps as well , that changes things. I was referring to a bare 272.

I think I would keep the 555 anyway, but still. The 272 bare is not bad on the 300, and more important, no other 1 box could complement the 300 so well.

There’s a really nice 3 or 4 box Naim system.

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May I briefly hijack?

Would 272/555psdr/200dr be considered unbalanced?

See I have the 272/200dr so far.

Planned to get the 555psdr and leave it there.

Not sure about the 200dr to 250dr difference either.

Welcome opinions

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So you are worried that one day your stack of boxes may become visually unappealing and if you sell your 272 and a 272-2 doesn’t appear you’ll have nowhere to retreat.

Fear no more your problem is over because there are 8 272’s for sale on eBay UK presently where 20 have sold since Christmas.

I don’t see how it could be. A 272/555PSDR is a much better sounding combo than a clean 272 no matter amp you put on it. And Naim always claim source first so I would strongly recommend it. Love what both XPSDR and 555PSDR did to my 272.

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Thank you. Much appreciated

Personally I’d sell the 272 if you aren’t using it as value drop will faster than a current model. Bank the money and look out for a similar age/condition model in the usual places if and when you want to go back to it. As I understand it this has been a big seller for Naim so expect lots to come onto the market in coming years. Sadly it’s a fast depreciating asset in Naim terms.

All that said I’m loving mine!

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When I read unbalanced I only think in economical terms. And yes, the balance between money spent on streamer and preamp on one hand and power amp on the other, can be considered a bit unbalanced. But the sound is not at all unbalanced! 555 will definetly just make the 272/200 combo better.

If your speakers seem to require more power you may concider the 250 which would probably be a cheaper upgrade. But the 555 is definetly a nice upgrade and will prepare the 272 for whatever power amp in my opinion.

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That is a good point. Have actually not concidered ebay yet. Never used it for purcheses in the hundereds. But maybe I should.

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