A robot to update Internet Radio?

Hello everyone. I really enjoy my NDX2, but it does not present options to update the Internet Radio database when radio stations are created. I live in New Zealand and we have had quite a bit of activity with old stations closing and new ones opening. Is there an automatic station update utility that I can use that will offer up details of new stations? I do know that we can suggest new stations to be loaded, but this seems to be a slow response to rapidly changing listings. Thanks for suggestions.

Hi, Naim streamers use a third party service called vTuner for iRadio so it’s up to them to maintain valid URLs, and of course it helps if stations provide vTuner with updated information when they make changes.

Thanks for this Chris. And it seems that the stations I want don’t talk to V-Tuner. So if I submit details, do station operators still have to give some form of consent?

You can create a login to naim.vtuner.com and add stations yourself if you know the correct URL. It should then appear in Added Stations in the iRadio input.

As Chris says you can add. If you are on the public internet using web based protocols then anyone can refer or link URLs to anyone else… that is one of the primary tenets behind the WWW so you don’t need things like consents etc.

If you take content and mis represent it, provide it under a different URL or add value to it whilst accessing the content then that is a different matter. vTuner is simply a directory of web ‘radio’ stations, like a machine optimised search engine… this shouldn’t be confused with services like TuneIn (though I admit the legal differentiation with TuneIn is quite nuanced in places) which monetise through advertising and derive other added value functions from web radio feeds as they are played and therefore does need permission or licensing

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