A Roon Conundrum

I recently bought an IPad Pro 256 GB and have been really impressed with the speed of response to Roon, compared to a 7 year old iPad Air. But I now realise that not only has the speed increased , but also the sound quality. I don’t think I’m imagining it. I can change in seconds between my new iPad and my iPhone as the Roon Remote, and I believe there is a real difference.
I don’t understand it, but I need to put it out there for consideration…

do you mean listening to music through the ipad?

If not and you are using the ipad just as a remote, you’re proving beyond reasonable doubt just how easy it is to trick the brain into believing anything.

The ipad is not involved in ANY WAY what so ever in the replay chain of roon if its just acting as remote.

Obviously not referring to listening through the IPads, that would be chalk and cheese.
That’s why I put this out there.
Of course I can’t understand this, but it may have something to do with communication between Roon Core and Remote, maybe due to my specific configuration .
I have hesitated many days before exposing myself to the expected ridicule…

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No brain tricking here Gari. Something else at play.

There cannot be. The only other thing I can think is are you air playing? If you have a roon endpoint in your hifi and the ipad is just a remote, i.e. once you have selected music you can turn the ipad off, then the ipad has no influence what so ever, it cannot, it does not.

I wont be engaging any further on this on, enjoy the circus!

Of course I’m not Airplaying. Why would I do that with my setup?
I’m telling you something which has struck me, which I didn’t expect, and which I am not imagining.
I put it out there in a spirit of enquiry, nothing more.

Where is your Roon Server running? Which machine (HW/OS)?

It’s running on a solid state drive connected to a Qnap Nas.

That’s odd, Roon Server is on a QNAP, no airplay, remote is either iPhone or iPad, and they sound different depending on which remote you are using at the time.


Sorry, I cannot undersand how in anyway this can happen. Its just a remote like the Naim app and has no interaction other than to tell it to play. I use a pc, tablet and phone to control Roon at different times, none of which change how it sounds. If I close the app on either one the SQ does not change either.

Perhaps the newer iPad Interfaces with WiFi a little differently to the older one and consequently there is less “interference” as IIRC you use a MESH type WiFi for your setup?

There can be no expectation bias for SQ with a new iPad so I would be inclined to accept there is a difference if you think there is.

How easily we accept that a burndy needs “distressing” and question other aspects of this hobby.


The problem with SQ is that there is no quantative measure - it is simply down to how we hear things and hear things differently.

If pausing mid way through a track on one device and then resuming on the other results in a perceived difference in SQ to your ears then bonus, but if it is neither a part of the audio reproduction chain nor can be measured, then it will be met with a lot of scepticism, naturally.

@RipVanRadio, do you do any DSP, heavy processing? QNAP RAM? I know Roon software taxes the QNAP heavily unless you stream lossless.

The reason I ask because there may be something going on while you are streaming, and sometimes it can hit the performance bottle neck?

At what point does the sound quality change? Suppose you start play using one iOS device, put it down, and continue browsing, maybe adding more tracks to the same play queue.
What happens if you start play using either device, then turn it off and let play continue?

Turn the old iPad off and see if things improve.

Agreed, I don’t know how this is physically possible.
The music comes from your core, the iPad just tells it what to play.

Do you have the roon app installed on both new and old iPads?
Can you stop and start music, alternating between the new and old iPad?
I would imagine that will prove it’s the mind playing tricks.


Better still, show someone else how to do it and let them do it randomly (not always changing but the same brief interruption), and see how reliably you can say when one and when the other.

Someone here with an Nd555 is using the IPad with a wired ethernet cable ( and adaptator). He found it sound better using the IPad on wired Ethernet instead of WiFi.
Possibly there must be something , a link between the remote ( iPad) and the final sound.

Look, this is no Big Deal for me. I realised over a couple of days that SQ had improved for no readily identifiable reason.
Eventually I reckoned that it was either a delayed effect of the mesh WiFi change of a month or so ago, or else related to the new iPad.
The latter turns out to be the case.
I don’t use Roon for DSP and the like.
I moved to running the Roon Core on a USB SSD connected to the Qnap in order to cut box count, and it has run in that configuration with fewer problems (need to re-boot etc.) ever since.
Incidentally, with the new iPad is much less prone to losing contact with the Roon Core, and searches are far faster.
The why of all this doesn’t matter to me, but I’m happy out!