A "Script" is running in the background

From time-to-time I have encountered this irritating little “Pop-up” saying that a “Script” is running in the background and asking if I wish to “Continue”, “Stop” or “De-bug” it.

In the past I have randomly clicked any one of the these options and the “Pop-up” and any associated problem seems to have disappeared and life goes on.

This didn’t happen yesterday on the WestJet website and the Air Canada website. It popped up when I was trying to move forward through their flight booking process. None of the options worked and the sites simply continued with the “whorling wheel” for over and hour. Opting for the “De-bug” option produced an unfathomable section of computer program. And it wasn’t BBC Basic !!!

Any solutions ?

It can be related to the combination of your OS, your browser and your anti-virus software settings.

Try a different browser.

Will do.

However, I have used the same computer/OS/Browser/anti-virus for the past 10 years or so (IBM ThinkPad/Windows XP/FireFox and never encountered this level of interference on these two particular websites before. But will try another browser.

many thanks, Don

Hi Don, I didn’t intend to imply that there was anything wrong with your setup (actually there is… XP has been out of extended support for a very long time!). Rather, it’s that some browsers have problems with some scripts in some circumstances and other browsers have problems with other scripts and/or other circumstances.

It’s likely that the websites have changed their scripts - perhaps they both use the same toolset to write their website and generate their scripts, maybe the manufacturer of the toolset has changed the code in their script generator tool.

For a while Firefox wouldn’t let me log into my online banking because it said the bank’s server was misconfigured and was insecure. This went on for a month or two before suddenly it was ok again. But anyway Chrome worked fine all the way through and consequently I tend to use Chrome these days if it’s a mission-critical interaction with a website.

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