A sensible upgrade?

Currently running a Nova with a 250DR arriving soon.
From there I’m planning to move the Nova on and replace with an NDX2 and 282.
Speakers are Sopra 2.
Anything I should be concerned about? This will exhaust my funds so power supply options will have to wait for a year. Reasonable?

The 282 won’t work without a Hicap, so you will need at least one power supply. Ideally you want an XPS for the streamer too, but you’ll survive without.

Aah. Re-reading the spec I understand that now you’ve clarified. Thank you. Would be helpful for those as intellectually compromised as myself if Naim put it as plainly as you have :laughing:

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At least the Hicap is relatively cheap to add to your purchase. For people wanting to keep cost and box count down, 282/200DR is a popular option as this will run without a Hicap.
I would also recommend, if you haven’t already done so, that you think now about the number of boxes you will eventually accumulate and buy a suitable rack to hold them all. Naim boxes like a bit of space around them.

NAP200 is a bit on the lightweight side for driving Sopra 2s; yes it can do it, as can the SN, but they are far from ideal.

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A second hand Flatcap of any vintage will do a passable job on the 282 until funds permit.

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Thanks chaps. I’ve already got the 250DR. I can stretch to a hicap. Out of interest is the xps not recommended for the 282. The integration of power supplies is a new concept for me to absorb.

No, the 282 uses a Hicap (or Supercap). The XPS and 555 are for streamers and CD players.

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If you get a pre-loved 282, make sure it comes complete with the little NAPSC.

Thanks NB. I have noted that. Will probably go new. Not sure what the lead time is right now. Or keep an eye out for ex demo, but that would requite some luck I think.

I am not sure what country you are in but ex dem and pre loved 282 do appear here in the UK.

I bought a pre loved 282 from a dealer and eventually traded it in for a pre loved 252 at the same dealer.

I have never experienced any problems with pre loved gear but would recommend you deal with a Naim dealer for such purchases - just an extra level of reassurance that if there are any subsequent problems, they will be sorted.

Also there might be a long wait for a new 282.

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I’m in the UK. I’ll have a chat with my dealer tomorrow. And keep my eyes open. Thanks for the advice.

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