A step too far for CD5XS?

With a CD5XS/nDAC/XPSDR front end with 282/250DR/HCDR if moving to 252/250DR/SCDR would that mean the front end gets found out ? Thanks

Should be very fine front end still with nDac and XPSDR. I bet it sounds great with 282. The 252 with SCDR is more revealing but source is good enough. There are better Naim sources but this will not be embarrassed at all.

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I can only agree. I had CD5XS/nDAC/555DR in front of 252DR/250.2 for a couple of years. Only substantial upgrade was to replace nDAC by NDS at the time. The association of CD5XS/NDS/555DR was simply magic IMHO.


Always gladdens my heart to see my model of CD player in such illustrious company!


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