A streamer puzzle


I’ve read some similar topics but I still have questions.
I’d start from the system - Spendor 3/5 coupled with 5si amp and a modest WXAD-10 streamer as the only source(and the subwoofer SVS SB-1000, however, I’m not sure if I really need it).
I need to upgrade the WXAD streamer as it sounds a little bit dull to me.
I know about ND5 XS2, however, I haven’t had any auditions as this guy has been out of stock for months.
I tried Bluesound Node 2i but actually haven’t heard any difference with my WXAD. Tried NAD M10 and was not impressed at all because of flabby bass.
My options are the following:
Primare SC15 Prisma
CA Azur 851N
Of course ND5 XS2, but it is a bit pricey and I will need to sell the sub and a couple of my Longines to afford it :slight_smile:

The main things I need are
1 the SQ via analog outputs to connect to my 5si
2 a reliable software if possible
I listen to music via internet services. Say, I hope Spotify adds a lossless this year otherwise I’ll start a vendetta :slight_smile:

The main question - what gives me the best sound quality from the list above?
The next question - what else I should consider?
The preferable price is about as my 5si plus a hundred or two.

Sell the Nait, sub and streamer and get an Atom?
Or if your current streamer has a digital out maybe a DAC upgrade?
ND5 XS2 is a fabulous streamer if you could stretch the budget to that, look for ex-demo examples that can be had for around the £1800 mark

This is an option. However, I decided to go with a two-component setup in order to have some upgrades from time to time. Atom is a bit very difficult upgrade if I need to change some part of it :slight_smile:
WXAD has just audio outputs. I’ve bought it for previous setup.

What about a s/h nDac with a simple streamer, e.g. the Primare NP5?

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What future upgrades are you thinking about and what timescale? You may well find that the Atom is such a step up from the WXAD it may keep you happy for a long time :slight_smile:

I’m thinking to upgrade until I find a proper setup :slight_smile: Ok, as I said, Atom is an option. However, I would like to know other good options.
Say, with time I’d try a floorstanding speakers and I tried some with my 5si when I was buying it and everything was just OK. Not sure if Atom will handle them.

@Ardbeg10y Ok, I got your point. I’m a bit reluctant to split the system into three parts and I need to think twice before I go this way.

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If 2 boxes are the limit, I’d wait for the ND5XS2 rather than go for interim solutions.

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You are killing me :slight_smile: Looks like I should prepare the Longines to be sold.

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I’d ditch the sub first and then see if the Longines still need to sacrificed :confused:

If you can squeeze in two small boxes then the Primare NP5 (as already suggested) and something like a Chord Qutest could be another approach…

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If it is a 2 box limit is a Nait 5si + ND5 XS2 really going to be much better than an Atom?

Probably, I should have thought about that a couple of weeks ago :slightly_smiling_face: Everything was good until I started thinking of upgrading WXAD :laughing:

I think an ND5XS2 would be a great option here, but if you want more bang for your buck I think a standalone DAC could be a good option to consider. It’s a real shame your Yamaha doesn’t have a digital out option that would fit in with this idea, although their WXC-50 does.
There are plenty of DACs that you could consider, maybe a Naim V1 or Chord Qutest.

@ChrisSU I once preferred WXAD over WXC. There was a strike of premature decisions on my side. I was using headphones for more than 30 years and never used loudspekers but always wanted to. I had thought WXAD is just a perfect device until I acquired Spendor and 5si :slight_smile:
Ok, I got your point.

I just noticed your edit. Naim and Focal were recently, and maybe still are, selling the Atom bundled with Focal speakers and one option was the Focal Chora 826 floorstander. I think the Atom is probably a lot more capable than you’re giving it credit for.


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Hi I have nd5xs2 and sn2 and can definitely recommend .

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@elverdiblanco Thanks! Interesting setup.

Ok, got it.
I have another question. Is it possible to connect a ND5XS2, say, to NAP 200 without any interims ?
How good SQ of NAP 200 comparing to SN2 or SN3 ?

You can’t simply connect a ND5 XS2 to a NAP 200, you would need a preamp in between. The Nait XS2/3 and SN2/3 can be used as preamps but not the Nait 5si

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Just to be clear that’s not my setup, that’s an image from the Focal website!