A streaming tabletop radio

Hi all, I’d like a new tabletop radio/streamer, ideally with DAB/internet radio, FM and streaming.

I’d prefer a standalone unit where I can just switch on FM radio when I prefer to, without having to go through phone/tablet first.

The Revo/Roberts options look to be the sort of thing we want, yet when I read through various user reviews, there often seems to be a number of dissatisfied people, unhappy with reliability/connection issues.

Now I suspect many of these may be down to poor radio/WiFi signal strength but I wondered if anyone has any personal experience and recommendations they could share with me?

I have a Roberts Stream 93i which does everything on your list and I’m very happy with it, had it for about 3 years now.
It’s hard wired as I use it when I’m working on desktop computer with adjacent network switch in spare bedroom so can’t comment on wifi dropouts.
Picks up plenty of DAB and FM stations… was listening to Pirate Xmas on DAB this morning on it :christmas_tree::grin: …never to early for a Christmas tune or 3.
The only complaint I have is the remote eats battery’s but I as I sit next to it not a problem.

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