A time has come…


Need your advise on speakers. Found myself getting a bit tired of KEFs LS50 Metas sound albeit i truly enjoy the level of details, soundstage and clarity they offer along with all the tweaks and upgrades i did.
I know it’s probably another bug biting me, however, i want to get something sounding really warm.
I’ve auditioned Sonus Fabers Sonetto V and VIII and they sound fantastic but only with the tube amps.
Anything you can advise on that?

Many thanks!



Up to 5k £ i believe but can be stretched i believe :slight_smile:

Do add Harbeths to you list of auditions. I brought a pair of 30.2 s recently and could not be happier.


Thanks @Michael17 ! Luckily i have a local dealer who has them in store :slight_smile: will certainly do


Spendor Classic 4/5s might fit your requirements. Well worth a listen.

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Another vote for checking out the Harbeths. I auditioned the SHL5+ XD and nothing compared with my amp and sources.


Given Budget the Kef LS60.
Nice trickle down tech from Blades, would provide an amplification upgrade and not too intrusive either.

Good idea @Tapp but i believe KEF is on to producing a passive version of LS60 :slight_smile: i kind of feel it ) nevertheless, i believe KEF’s sound signature won’t change much …

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Try something small from the likes of Harbeth, Sonus Faber, Proac or potentially best of all a pair of PMC DB1i. You may have to buy the DB1i used.

Happy hunting! BF


It’s really all about integrating the right speaker with your room. At the 5k+ level I would recommend engaging a good dealer, do a shop demo and narrow it drown to top 3 for a home demo and trust your ears….

Enjoy the ride!

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Is that £5k of speakers on the end of a Uniti Atom, or are different electronics being used?

5K would buy you much better s/h

Good idea @Tapp but i believe KEF is on to producing a passive version of LS60 :slight_smile: i kind of feel it ) nevertheless, i believe KEF’s sound signature won’t change much …

Your dilemma is your current set up is very good and well balanced!
Changing to more expensive speakers may have other expensive consequences.
A speaker cable change may deliver tone adjustment required.
Witch Hat Phantoms being forum favourites.
Good luck.

I wonder how the relaunched mission 770 would fare on an Atom? They might need a couple of feet from the walls to work. Could be an interesting demo.

I consider either upgrading to Nova or adding NAP250 in the nearest future to get most out of them. It seems to me that even KEFs are being hardly driven by Atom when you push them slightly above normal listening level.

Fully agree with you @Tapp . So far i have managed to balance pretty much i could with the good cables (mains power, speaker cables, interconnects), and other tweaks along with adding a quite decent sounding subwoofer (also by KEF) to wider a bit a soundstage with low frequencies.

The main problem is the lack of “big” and warm sound, yet my living room where the main system is currently in seems to be quite oversized for LS50s…

That’s the plan @Farthings-cat :wink:

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And it includes the streamer too. It’s basically an entire system the ls60’s. Yes, I’ve heared them :slight_smile:

Ow, if you don’t mind active speakers, and you want big and warm, the ATC SCM40A is what you should audition. Absolutely smashing.