A visit to Naim HQ and the new Showroom

The 272 also uses a discrete resistor ladder. However, whereas for the Statement, I believe these are “through hole” resistors, for the 272 they are surface mount resistors.

Aghh … that explains it … thanks. :+1::point_left:

When it was raised by a couple of members, Steve Sells even asked “What is a 372?” I said “A new platform 272 with no internal power supply.” No-one reacted at all.

We needed someone there with a PhD in foraging strategies @hungryhalibut to winkle out the information (cf the thread on the new Attenborough TV series).



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Out of curiosity, how does one arrange a Naim HQ tour? Is there some sort of lottery I need to start playing? A special forum badge perhaps? :slight_smile:

@Richard.Dane I didn’t know you were into ‘retro chic’! :rofl:

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As seems often to be the case, I’m late coming here to express my thanks for what was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Although I’ve done the factory tour on a few occasions over the years I couldn’t resist going round again as I find it captivating and it’s great to see how everyone seems so engaged and committed to their work, yet also willing to break off and talk to the visitors and explain what they’re doing.

The only downside in doing the factory tour was that I didn’t get to listen for as long to the Statement system. Early on in the day a comparison was made between the 552/500 amplification and the Statement and I managed to convince myself that the 500 series wasn’t totally disgraced by its bigger brother, but this was without doubt the best demo I’ve experienced of the Statement system. The newly refurbished demo room is so much lighter and spacious than before and now incorporates absorption panels and diffuser strips on the walls - it looks like a really classy job too.

It was nice meeting up with the other forum members again - I’ve finally made the connection with NigelB’s Tommy Cooper avatar! It’s a pity about those unable to attend.

Thanks to Charlie, Jason and Mark for hosting us, to Richard for helping to organise the event and to all the friendly and helpful staff we met during the day. I absolutely loved it!


You should try to arrange through your Naim dealer, as a number of them make special visits with their customers, sometime even from outside the UK. The group visits are the usually the best as more time and resource can then be given to the visit. If you’re thinking of making a special trip then you should get in touch with Naim and give them as much notice as possible. As long as it’s not too busy a time then I’m sure they’ll try to accommodate you some way or other.

Thanks Richard, Yes I’m on the other side of the world with limited dealers(by comparision) but I’ll ask.

So who get to dust off all the boxes?
With respect, I could just imagine Jason running around with s fluffy duster. Ok inside voice sorry …

@Xanthe can you remind me again please of the name of that Jeff Beck track you played yesterday?



I don’t believe it would be Jason (!), but it’s true that there was no dust. It all looked totally immaculate.

Hopefully not the appalling Hi Ho Silver Lining…

Never got to go again, but room looks superb, looks like Naim as always looking after their guests :+1:

I’m sure there will be further opportunities to see (and hear) the new showroom in the future

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It wasn’t me that played Jeff Beck (I don’t do jazz :anguished:).

The ‘less esoteric’ stuff I played was:
Case Lang Viers; Georgia Stars from Case Lang Viers
Mirabilis; Permafrost, from Here and the Hereafter
Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique, 1st movement (excerpt), SCO, Ticciati

Ah. Maybe it was @Richard.Dane then? Or maybe I imagined the whole thing…



I think it was @Richard.Dane who played the Jeff Beck track. I too would be interested to be reminded of the JB album in question.

Hi Nigel, Yes Richard was the DJ, or should that be PJ - Pad Jockey.
It was Jeff Beck, ‘Brush With The Blues’, recorded live at Ronnie Scott’s. One of my favourite JB albums & deffo his best live album.
Good to meet up again …

Is the bloke standing by the wall in the first picture employed to stop people nicking stuff ?

Thanks Mike.

Good to see you again.