A wee change or 2

4 box Auralic has replaced ND555. Melco replaced Core. As a long time Naim fan surprised at how much better the Aurelic is.


Nice picture.

Why though? The world is full of great hi-fi products. It’s easy to confuse “not to my taste” with “not as good as”. Given the forum we’re in it’s easy to believe the 500 series products are the top of a particular mountain. They’re no more than one of many scenic and equally satisfying views of that mountain

FWIW I believe Naim amplification remains world class. The sources are patchy. Your findings will surprise some others here.

What are the 4 Auralic? The streaming dac, the upsamplng processor, the clock, and ?
Where do you connect the Plixir ps?

Hi Murray,
Did you audition any other streamers before deciding to switch to Auralic? It’s interesting to hear from others who have compared Naim to Auralic, DCS, MSB and others for their impressions.

Which speakers have the delightful challenge of converting the electrical signal into music?

Best regards, BF

They look like focal Maestro Utopia Evo speaker’s to me?

My guess: Aries (streamer), Sirius (upsampler), Vega (DAC), Leo (clock).


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He had Nd555 before. So at least compared with it.
But as you I would be interested to know more and why he choosed Auralic vs other brands.

Exactly FR.
At some point, we will simplify our streaming mess of (excellent sounding) multiple boxes, it is interesting to learn about what’s out there.

Best regards, BF

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Yes Roger is correct re the Auralic and yes Maestro Evo that replaced S800s a few years ago. I didn’t listen to anything else. I was actually pretty happy with the 555 but my dealer suggested I needed to hear this stuff so brought it out and that was that. To my ears the Auralic offers all that the Naim does in terms of musicality but offers a fair bit more in other areas. I love it. One of the plixars feeds the melco switch ( making a substantial gain in sound quality) the other is a twin power one that feeds the melco ripper and melco expansion drive. The melco server I have has only a 4tb internal ssd drive. If anyone else is interested in the Auralic I can say that installing 3 Audioquest dragon hdmi cables ( hdmi cables are what connects the Auralic boxes together ) has made a very big improvement since last Thursday. Currently waiting on Chord XLR Music to replace the Chord Epics between Auralic DAC and Statement as well as some Quadraspire so there will be more to come. It’s been a fun period of transition


At least you still have those Fraims left. Mind you, those Quadras look a bit anaemic next to the Fraims.:wink:

Maybe the Auralic are too large for a Fraim? My Melco can’t fit in the Fraimlite, and the PhoenixNet needs to be a bit forward.

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Unlikely, they’re more or less the same depth and height and narrower than full size Naim boxes.


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