A5 Directionality

Hi Guys
Pulled out my Nait 5i out of moth balls and did some speaker cable comparisons. Running a set of Monitor 8i Silvers and source is a WIMM Pro Streamer with Ecosse Reference Interconnects, just for kicks.
Added some old Nac A4 speaker which produced some great tunes. Then I decided to change to my A5.
Too my amazement there was a significant difference in Sound quality.
Though the A5 had better voicing detail, what it didnt do is the midrange,bass and dynamics fell off a cliff. It became unexpectedly unexciting. My partner with her better ears even noticed the significant change.
My issue is that the A5 has lost the writing and directional arrow and I’m unaware which way the current should flow.
I’m thinking the direction of the current is the issue.
Any thoughts please ?

How is it terminated? If you have Naim plugs on the amp and bananas/spades on the speakers, the direction hasn’t changed. If bananas both ends, you might have it the other way round. You wont do any harm by changing the direction to see if you prefer it. Alternatively, it could just be that it needs re-terminating.

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Turn them around and see if the sound changes but I doubt the differences between different direction could be big. Never tried though.

The difference in direction is subtle. You described a dramattic change. I’d suspect A5 just isn’t the right cable in your system, assuming it’s not brand new and in need of running it.

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Also check the soldering and for broken strands. They are fewer and thicker on NACA5 so when they fracture or break the effects on performance can be significant.

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Thank you will do

I will persist in Running in the A5 and see if that helps.

Thanks Richard will investigate

I did change them around and made a better improvement in the bass but still that soundstage was quite narrow,considering the A4. Will investigate the terminations as they both are banana terminations.

I turned them around and there was a considerable change in the bass, though soundstage was still verynarrow. Very odd

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