About 300dr connected with 282 hicap

Dear friends,I have a question about 300dr connections with 282 hicap, we know 300dr have left and right speaker connector, 282 toward hicap with a one cable of 4pin to the hicap,and which socket of hicap is left and right? May 300dr can tell the left or right channels? Thanks.

Assuming one Hicap, then Pre amp to Hicap socket 4, 5 pin SNAIC.

Doesn’t matter which way round you connect Hicap sockets 2 and 3. Din outputs on Hicap have both channels. However for typical cable management scenario green to socket 2, red to socket 3.

What is important is that correct lead goes to each 300 head unit XLR. Green to channel 1, red to channel 2.

Have a look at the naim connection guide amplification PDF, page 11 - this covers 282 with Hicap to 250DR (socket 3), for 300DR you’re using both sockets 2/3. Green/red is on page 9 (albeit from a Supercap, but same applies at head unit).

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It sounds that the cable with different colors could defining the left or right ,thanks.


Yes, although each Hicap socket provides both L and R, each DIN/XLR to 300DR carries only one of L or R depending on the colour of band.


Thank you,I understood.

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