About ground: chassis vs floating

I Had my ND5 XS2 set to floating, because I had a TV cable box connected to my SN2 by analog inputs. The cable box is grounded to earth.
In chassis mode, the system would hum. In floating mode, no hum, but a fluttering sound that was worse than the hum. I disconnected the cable box analogue inputs to the SN2. Now, in floating, it hums and in chassis it is completely quiet. problem solved (I now use digital into the ND5 XS2 from the cable box).
The question is, why was there a fluttering sound when the cable box was plugged in the amp with analog cables, and the ND5 XS2 set to floating (as it should have been). Was this noise from the cable box coming back into the system by ground, or some other means?

Before you receive a lot of technical advices, I would try myself.
I had done that with my nds and choosed the best sounding choice vs ground or floating.
I don’t remember which one I choosed.

Ideally you should have one and only one earth grounded source on a Naim NAC. All other sources need to be floating.

Any variance of this can cause in extreme conditions induced mains hum, or more typically increased noise floor.

It sounds like you had a noisy source attached…were they Naim sources?

No. My ND5 XS2 is my only Naim source. I also have an Apple TV and a cable Box. But, as I said in my first post, all noise is now gone after having unplugged the analog cables from my cable box to SN2. The ND5 XS2 is the only grounded device with analog outputs being used. It is on “chassis” and is perfectly silent now.

If it was your only source, it needs to be put earth ground. If you have a hum with just one source set to earth ground , them you have a fault. Contact your dealer or Naim.
Your other sources sound like they are adding ground noise into your system. Remove them, or put up with electrical ground noise from substandard sources.

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