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Hi everybody, is there any possible that 282+hicap with Bryson 4b3 or other powerful amp.
I have been with naim for about 10years. from sn hicap to 282 hicap and 250.2 come with pmc ob1i ,they give me a lot of fun and enjoy it,I find the 250.2 with 80w doesn’t drive pmc ob1i fully, so I think may bryston can do better,if so,how to connect?thanks.

Hi, I can’t say how well the Bryston will work in your system, but connecting it should be straightforward. You will need a lead to connect to the unbalanced RCA input.

I used to run a 282 with a Rega Maia until I bought a 250. I used two DIN to RCA cables that one of the Audio T branches were selling ex demo, the cables were made by Naim and used their lavender cable. I believe you can also get a split cable from a single DIN but two give the option to use monoblocks should you ever feel the need. There will be a number of alternative sources using different cable at a range of prices I’m sure,

Thanks Chris ,the 250 get the signal from hicap,it should be have the cable do it ?
And I’m afraid of 282 with the bryston still have the naim sounds.

Yes, you just need a DIN to Phono cable to go from the Hicap to the Bryston. Naim could supply one, or Chord or various other brands.

Hi Paul,
You may find that a pair of NAP135 mono-block power amps has the degree of drive and grip that the OB1i speakers are looking for. The sound will be a whole lot tighter & punchier than the 250.2 can manage. The 135s are available used from larger Naim dealers and sometimes on that auction site though do check for service history and condition.

Best regards, BF

Can it really be that a 250-2 can’t drive the OB1i? It’s not that big a speaker.

The devil with that generation of PMCs lies in the crossover rather than the drive units.
By all means try a Bryston 4BSST (or whatever it’s called). Personal experience indicates that the 135s dribe OB1i, PB1i and even Fact12 really rather well. On the other hand, I never found the 250.2 to be so fleet of foot and strong of grip. The 250DR on the other hand…

The demand on an amp to provide adequate ‘grip’ on a speaker is nothing to do with speaker size, rather factors such as impedance curve and the degree of damping of the cone afforded by the cabinet design.

Indeed. PMC prefer higher order (between 4 and 7 order) crossovers. This puts a lot more gubbins between hhe amp and the drive units.

OTOH, the 250 absolutely should be driving those speakers fine. My gut tells me this is not a power issue but something simpler like the OP just doesn’t like hhe PMC sound, the Naim sound or both and just hasn’t realised it yet.

Thanks BF,135 is pefect but 250.2 is available, if still love naim ,I consider the two 250.2 to deal with the pmc monster ob1i speakers. Does two 250.2 can deal with left and right speaker, each 250.2 could drives one channel?
Thanks every reply.

No. Each amp is used in stereo. One drives the high and midrange units. The other the low frequency units.

So for the OB1i you use i link that connects the top two terminals but not the botton terminal. You need two runs of identical speaker cable to each speaker.

Hi Paul,
I would not buy a second 250.2 in order to bi-amp the OB1i speakers, if this is what you mean. I would sell the 250.2 or part exchange it against a pair of 135s at a Naim dealer, such as the one in St. Albans, UK (if you live in the UK).

Otherwise, do audition the PMC Cor or Bryson 4BSST amps and go with the one you like the most.

Best regards, BF

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