About to upgrade naim n272 and 250dr

…and wonder of the interconnect cable 4 pin to xlr came with nac272 or 250dr as i might sell these separately?
I bought them used.

Reg Mats

This is supplied with the 250 when new.

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What are you thinking of upgrading to?

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Avm SD 8.2 with Burmester 911 mk3 a wonderfull combo

Leaving the naim camp for now but i usually find my way back. Love to change my gear every second year. And with used stuff you dont lose that much money in these swaps. You can even make money.

Do you know of 272 is supplied with any interconnect cable new in box?

Just a power cable as standard. Did it come with any other cables?

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I upgraded the interconnect supplied with the new 250dr a few days ago. Now I am playing with a Transparant Super interconnect. Tried the Chord Signature also, but in my setup with Vivid Audio speakers this was all too bright. The Transparant does it perfectly well, very balanced, more details, thight bass control, etc.

Besides a power cord, no other cables are supplied with the 272. The type of interconnect to connect the 272 to a power amplifier can vary, e.g. a 250 needs a differrent type of cable compared to a 300. Therefore, this interconnect comes with the power amp.

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