About your Golf GTi

Come on, you had one back in the day! You might even have one now. Please tell us about it. Show us the pics.

I don’t have any pics but I had a 3 door 8v in white, same shape as this:

“89 on a G” as my motor mechanic brother used to say. One owner from new and full VAG service history when I bought it. He found it hilarious that it had steel wheels, hub caps, mudflaps and a tow bar (which I had taken off, obvs.) Personally I loved that car. Sold it with 149K on the clock, and possibly a slightly dodgy water pump. No rattles or squeaks. All I did was the oil and filter every six months.

Great memories especially of driving regularly down the A35 to Exeter at the weekends to see my then girlfriend.

You’re an opinionated lot, so does the MK1 hold the same place in the pantheon as the original Nait. And is the SN3 a lardy R32 or whatever they are calling the latest one?!! Which was your favourite and why? Were the Golfs the best of their day? Did the 205GTi even come close? And I can already sense from that disdainful grimace of their very mention that for many here those two choices are not nearly niche enough. So give us your little known maverick hot hatch choices of the cognoscenti.

Anyway tell us your tales. Show us your pics. Have fun with it in these self-isolating times.

Twin Pipes


My first Golf GTI was LBB 675X, a 1600 in Silver with wide-boy Zender arches and front spoiler. I bought it secondhand with 32,000 on the clock and the overwhelming stench of the first owner’s Aramis aftershave all over the steering wheel and golfball gear knob. I loved that car and basically drove it almost to death - and on a few occasions, almost to my death, as the brakes were by far the worst thing on an otherwise great car. In the end it was purchased by a chap with whom I worked who had fallen in love with it when I used to give him a lift into the office.

Then, after a dalliance with a Peugeot 205GTI and then a Golf GTI I6V, I happened to be staying with a friend down in hampshire and on passing the local VW garage I saw a silver Mk1 Campaign in the showroom. I just had to stop and go and take a look. I had always wanted the final campaign version, with the standard steel sunroof, leather steering wheel, and Pirelli wheels. Turns out the car was one of the last imported and had been owned by the wife of the manager. It had 20,000 on the clock and was basically in mint condition. I knew it was destined to be mine, and so it was. A week later A378UOE was mine.

It was my daily driver but suffered for living outside on the street in London. When I went to live in NYC, I left it on the street in London and when I returned a year later it was looking a bit forlorn. I thought about getting it restored, but my eye had already been drawn by the lure of a '73 Porsche 911S and so when another chap I worked with made me a cash offer on the spot, I let it go.

I hear it has been restored and is in now a concours contender, so I’m delighted it’s a survivor.


I had two, both 8v mkii’s. A green three door on a C plate and a red five door on an F plate.

The red one had been my mum’s and was in very nice condition and low mileage and she sold it to me for a very favourable rate! Unfortunately, it got stolen and was never seen again.

I replaced that with a 205 1.9GTI in graphite metallic (H plate) which was great fun and one of the cheapest cars I’ve ever owned; kept it for six years and it only depreciated by £2,700!

In fact, I liked the 205 so much that I only replaced it when I could afford a new Lotus Elise in 1998! Now that really was tremendous fun.


Another Golf GTi fan here and a brief model ownership history…

MK1 GTi Campaign in Mars Red, 1983 model, 3 door. Owned 1991-92.
MK2 GTi 8V in Helios Blue (pre big bumper), 1989 model, 3 door. Owned 1992-1999.
MK3 GTi in Mystique Blue Pearl, 1996 model, 5 door. Owned 2001-2012.
MK6 GTi in Deep Black Pearl Metallic, 2010 model, 3 door. Owned 2015-

I’ll try and dig out some photos and go into a bit more detail later…


I bought a new dark green metallic GTi in 1999. I’d decided that as our children had flown the nest, I didn’t need a large car anymore. Lovely car and served me well for 5 years. Only replaced it with a Volvo S60 because I decided I could do with something a little bigger and also wanted dual climate control as SWMBO feels the cold more than I do.

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'73 911S - lovely! At the risk of veering off topic this is my brothers '67 911, recently fully restored and is now living in London with my nephew


I bought a brand new GTI in 1986, it was grey, similar to the first pic up thread. Loved it. Had it all of about two months, it got broken into one night, the idiots cut the main wiring harnesses in several places to get the Blaupunkt stereo and speakers out. Sadly, that car was never right again, electrical nightmares. I sold it six months later. Never bought another one. Kind of miss it!


Mk IV GTi, 20v 1.8, the one everyone said was crap.
Loved it. Bit of a flat spot in 3rd, but previous car was a Mondeo diesel estate so the trip from York to Hull on B roads every day took on a different vibe in 2001.
Replaced by an M3 in 2003 which made the Golf feel like a london taxi. Will always have a soft spot for a GTi though…

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Always liked the GTI but I wanted something a bit more so I bought a Mk6 R 3 door. Love it’s looks, love the way it drives and it’s even better now I’ve added a few nice parts and it has been remapped. Having 370bhp in a small hatchback is blast and it embarrasses quite a few sports cars too.


Parents had one and thought it was a bargain right up until they were stopped at some lights outside Chester and someone drove into the back of them. Never seen the back of a car crumble so spectacularly.

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I had one of these for a couple of years. Wasn’t bad.


Had a B reg Mk 2 8v for all of three months. Suspension was kippered - memories not all that fond. Next hot hatch was a Peugeot 106XSi (original 1.4) in Miami Blue - now that was a great car though stronger brakes would have been nice. Fabulous grip on turn in, fast enough (just) and one of the best cars I ever had.


And the best one was…?

Back in the G plate days I had a really dull Renault 19 1.4. My groovier friends had either a Golf GTi or Peugeot 105 GTi. I’ve had a Golf Mk5 but it was an evil diesel but lovely to drive. The car before the one we have now was a Golf SV, and that was excellent. The best fun VW we had was a black Lupo GTi. It was tiny and went like a bat out of hell. The only problem was that it spent more time in the garage with electrical faults than out of it, and the final straw was when the boot filled up with water when it rained. It was such a shame as the car was huge fun to drive.

I got my one and only, lovely, red Golf GTI in 1986 - the number plate was A234SPO, had that nice golf ball gear stick and one of the first computers telling you outside temperature. Great fun but only had it a year as I got my first company car so sold it.

GTI performance which I’ve had from new 11 months ago. Was looking for a used Mk 7 but got a no- brainer deal on this one. What can I say … it lives up to the hype and then some :blush:


My first Golf Gti was a 1990 big bumper 16v in Oak Green similar to this one.

I traded this for a BMW 320 coupe but didnt really settle into that so bought a MK3 Golf Gti in white which was no where near as good as my MK2.


I had the Ford Turbo RS. Quicker than a GTI as long as there was no snow on the road. Glad I leased it as it did 8000 to a set of Goodyear Eagles and went through six exhausts in three years. Wished I’d chosen a GTI or 250 GTI.


Best? MK6. Favourite? Mk2.

Will post a detailed reply this evening :slight_smile:

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Whilst I never owned a Golf GTI I was very fortunate to drive quite a range of VW/Audi vehicles from a Lupo GTI GTI to a Audi A8.

I did drive over 500,000 miles in my various company VW Passats over the years.

Being a Group Transport Manager for a privately owned construction supply company part of my role was the specification and procurement of the company fleet of vehicles which included commercial vehicles, lorry loaders,cars and forklift trucks etc so I was lucky to drive a wide range of vehicles on the public roads, race tracks and private test facilities etc.

HH mentioned a Lupo GTI this was a stunning little motor so quick and nimble. I drove most Golfs including the VR6 the Audi A8 I had on demo was so refined and surprisingly agile for such a large car.

Can anybody remember the Passat W8 from around 2002/03 this was a 4 litre W8,Tiptronic Gearbox and 4WD you had 275 horsepower at your disposal the only thing it wouldn’t pass was a petrol station by god did thing sup some juice when driven hard.

Unfortunately I can no longer drive due to diabetic eyesight problems but it is nice to see a thread like this to remind me of some of the wonderful vehicles I had the pleasure to drive over the 40 plus years I had a license.