AC/DC *Power Up*

Looking at BBC News site I stumbled across this article on the new AC/DC album about to becreleased. I found it an interesting read.

AC/DC: ‘We’re too stubborn to change’
(I’ve not put as a link because clearly the website isn’t only music - but that should enable anyone interested to find it)

Not my favourite band not a band I’ve followed though I’ve certainly liked some things. The article makes me want to hear it!

Its on Qobuz, better than the last couple of albums imo.

I’ll give it a listen, not been too much of a fan of the later stuff, though I did like Stiff Upper Lip and Rock or Bust.
Curious to give it a listen, thanks for the heads up, hadn’t even spotted it, something for the weekend!

Some folks on the ‘What are you listening to…’ thread seem to be enjoying it.


Not ‘arf!


Listened to it earlier, was actually very good. Seems slightly different to their last few albums, some great riffs and lots of backing vocals, bloody hell.

It’s a hit!!

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I’ll probably get killed for this but I’m not a big fan, I’m sure it won’t effect their large fan base but it’s just a little too much the same for me. I played it yesterday and couldn’t remember where it started and finished. A bit boring. Imo they haven’t had a decent album since TNT.

I do appreciate the fact that they’ve stayed true to principle and consistent.

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Love the album. ultra hd on amazon.

I got around to listening to it today on Spotify, and seems typical AC/DC - the near constant high pitched vocals are not my cup of tea - I’ll stick with the handful of old tracks, but hats off to them for making their comeback after what they’ve been through, and with all the punch they ever had.

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They lost me as a fan once the slower tempo, power chord schtick was all they did. Powerage was the last of the good stuff IMO although some of Highway to Hell was OK

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