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Hello community,
Late last year I upgraded my NaimAudio to a SuperNait3, NDX2, Uniti Core (still keeping my 804s) with help from Innovative Audio in NYC. However I am considering relocating to Singapore (240v) and would like to take my new HiFi with me. Innovative Audio suggested we do a power conversion with an authorized source (in Canada). My questions to the community are:

  1. Is a power conversion a good or bad thing to do?
  2. Should I try to sell it and get the same setup in Singapore?
  3. Or any other suggestions.

Please be kind with your answers, suggestions and discussions.


Naim can change the windings on most items. If you arrange this via your dealer, they can tell you your options and the cost.

Step up transformers should be avoided. Ones suitable for the maximum current draw of the system will big large, heavy, pricey, and detrimental to sound quality.

If this is a long term move you might want to consider whether the cost of shipping, the risk of loss or damage, and possibly lack of warranty or dealer support could be a problem.
You can certainly have the conversion done, but I would be inclined to at least investigate the possibility of buying something locally when you are in Singapore.

Cant see it making a difference, but Singapore is 230v

I had my Exposure amps converted to 120v when I went to Canada in the 90s and back to 240v on my return. All undertaken by Exposure themselves at a very reasonable cost.

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The UK used 240v, until the EU told us that we had to step down to 230v, I seriously don’t think you need to do anything.

" European mains voltage is presently specified as being 230 V+10%/−6%, but this is simply a paperwork ruse intended to enable electrical goods to be sold freely within the European Union. There has never been any intention to reconfigure national electricity supply networks and change the voltage at your wall socket, so actual mains voltage is the same as it always was (240 V in the UK, 220 V in France). Thus, 230 V+10%=253 V≈240 V+6% (the old UK upper limit), and 230 V − 6%=217 V, which only allows for a 1.4% fall in the French nominal voltage, and this is why the specification will broaden to 230 V±10%, requiring electrical goods to operate correctly on a supply anywhere between 207 and 253 V."

I think the OP is in USA ?

Or Canada.

Many, maybe most, manufacturers use transformers with two primary windings - effectively a single winding split in the middle - which when connected in series matches 220-240v, and in parallel 110-120v. If that is what Naim use then the conversion is very simple and quick, and so should be inexpensive. If they don’t, than a replacement transformer would be required would be a lot more expensive, and take a bit more time to fit - with potential delays of the service place doesn’t have in stock, compounded if multiple boxes so requiring multiple conversions.

The dealer has provided me with options to convert 110v to 230v, pricing and shipping. However friends have warned that the settings could alter the performance which prompted my question to this forum.

No it’s the same transformer.

What they do is fit one transformer with two sets of 115v windings. With the 100-125v market, the 115v windings are used. With 220-250v regions, the same transformer has the second 115v windings bridged to 230v.

And to reverse the change, it is unbridged. So when Naim or their service agents make the change, it should be identical to a native 230v unit.

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Chris, I am not sure if it is a long term move. Yes I have factored all that you have mentioned and hopefully with the discussions on this forum will help me decide. FYI, HiFi in Singapore is generally an expensive hobby.

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Thank you for the correction.

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Conversion is from 110v (US) to 230v (Singapore).

I guess it doesn’t hurt to check with NaimAudio directly.

I’m in the opposite situation, and will be moving from the UK to the US over the coming summer. My dealer has reached out to Naim on my behalf and they have confirmed they can do the adjustment for… £120 per item I believe.

Pricier option, but also an upgrade, would be to get 230V HiCap and an XPS.

Thanks Ben. Yes my dealer has mentioned similar option.

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The HiCap is an upgrade I am looking in the near future a Dan trying to avoid XPS

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