Access to UnitiServe


I want to go on my UnitiServe over the IP adress with a software on the iPad (File Explorer), like the access with the windows explorer to see the files in the folders music and downloads.

When I set up the IP adress in the file explorer and try to go on the UnitiServe the software asks for the login and password. I leave both empty, but it does not work. The access is denied.

Does anyone have a hint? Thanks in advance!

As far as I know, the only way to access a Unitiserve on iOS is via the N-Serve app.

The UnitiServe works like a NAS and so I thought that there is an access to the folders and files of the UnitiServe like the access to folders and files on a NAS.

You can access the music and download folders on a Unitiserve from a Windows PC as long as SMB1 is enabled and you can actually control the US with a Windows DTC or with n-serve for Mac.

I don’t know why you can’t see the US folders from an iPad, but equally I have never heard of anyone successfully doing that. It’s probably typical Apple network myopia - for instance I don’t think Apple supports SMB? But maybe another forum member has more understanding?


Thanks for the hint, David. In my app on the iPad SMBv2 was enabled. Now I have disabled it and it works. Thank you!

Good! What app are you using?

The US needs SMB1. SMB2 is fine with the UnitiCore.

Ah. It’s an IOS 13 thing…


This trick I didn’t know … How to do it? Screen?

You can access it and any other NAS on your network using the VLC app.

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