Accessing Uniti Core download files on my pc

Hi! I have dowloaded multiple file in my Untiti Core device. I want to do some housekeeping and delete some albums. I have a PC/Windows 10 at home (not a Mac) and a Ipad which I use the Naim app with.
When I try to open the dowload file on my PC to manage/delete some items on my album list (through the device manager) the screen show nothing. All black/ no image. What’s wrong?
Thank you so much…

Hi Pete, and welcome to the forum.
A quick search of “Core/Download” should tell you everything you need to know about file management on the core. My first step would be to try and access these files through “Explorer” and not the device manager. Works perfectly for me once you’ve identified your Cores IP address, simple through the Naim App.
Enjoy your Core!

As AlecR says you should be using explorer and not a browser. It’s explained in the online guidance on the Naim web site - go to the UnitiCore product, then scroll all the way down to the bottom and tap the Support bar.



Thank you Alec. Works fine :slight_smile:
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Thank you David,


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