Done something really bad, dropped the second side C&D of my lovely new Melody Gardot sunset in the blue LP from my wife for Christmas.
I got a really bad static shock from it, dropped and is damaged not playable.

Anyone any idea if & how I can replace side C&D as was quite expensive album?

And I feel like a complete tit, OH not spoken to me yet other than to register her sincere dissapointment.

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What? Replace one disc of a double album?

Thats whats broke


It’s £25 to replace the double album - did your wife tell you she paid £250.

No, I think it cost about £30.

But weve had a few rather expensive bills / loss of income including 2 car breakdowns costing 570 euros so this was yet another thing.
The real hurt is that my wife bought something that I really liked a lot.


That’s a total pain - my commiserations. I recently broke a not-very-expensive whisky glass that was engraved and was one of my few physical artefacts of a good time in my history. I’ve still got the broken pieces because I can’t bring myself to throw it away… yet. That sort of thing’s really galling.

I don’t know of a regular way to replace just one disc, but:

a) try emailing the manufacturer and throw yourself on their mercy. You never know what they’ve got cluttering up the place.

b) hover on discogs etc. - again, you never know. I was looking for a long out-of-print CD today and found one at a fabulous price… until I saw that it was ‘just the booklet, no CD!’ for sale.

Best of luck, and shove a glass of fizz (or equivalent) into your wife’s hand by way of an apology,


Unfortunately it happens. You could try running it through an RCM. Sometimes what looks bad doesn’t sound so bad. Otherwise, it’s time to buy another copy…

RD & @Ebor Thanks for your sympathies, I feel your pain over the broken glass. I think one side of LP may be OK so may purchase a CD for now as thye are less money.

Maybe after Brexit I wont have to pay uk tax anymore, they’ve just had £330 off me for nothing, but I very much doubt it!

Lovely things, whisky glasses I really like nice cut glass but even with a pair I have a favourite one.

I bought my brother a set of 4 really nice ones, about 30 years ago I really couldnt afford 6 at the time. He put them in the back of a cabinet and never used them as far as I know, never even thanked me. Then when he’d died 4 years ago we cleared out his house and discovered them still with the Stuart Crystal sticker on, I gave our son two and I had the other two.


Ha! My wife went through a phase of buying presents for her brother that she knew he’d like the idea of but would never use. She’d wait six months, then cheerfully ‘liberate’ the item from his house. It was all done openly and with smiles all round.

We still use that doughnut maker…



Sorry to hear. During this lockdown year, things at home get more use and more things break down, some no doubt held sentimental value. Take care. Hope it will be behind you soon and just enjoy the music. Here’s a poor temporal substitute.

I will be enjoying my nightly glass of red from a tumbler shortly as my housekeeper has a penchant for breaking my crystal wine glasses. Granted, it’s only four glasses, but they were thirty years old. The kids and cats, bless them, broke the remainder… I may need to clean them myself going forward or at least insure them.


I have some wonderful crystal ( a gift from a former employer) and have learned the hard way , good quality crystal and red wine :wine_glass: :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass: just don’t mix.

Every Christmas :christmas_tree: they sit firmly in the cabinet :file_cabinet: whilst the glasses made from recycled Mexican glass get an outing.

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We have number of non matching Georgian Rummers which we have collected over the years .
We use them every day .

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No idea what you mean

I didn’t understood too. It’s a CD or LP?

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I believe the reference is to the second LP of a double LP set. The sides of such sets are often labelled Sides A and B for the first LP and Sides C and D for the second LP.



Expensive here in NZ. Just bought it on sale for nzd $72 (£38)

@NFG hope you managed to get a replacement or temporal substitute, in the form of digital, cd or vinyl. I just went through my CD collection (yes, I don’t have a zillions so it is possible) and there are several discs that I have a couple of copies of, ones that I really like. Hope this makes you feel better.

The one behind is still wrapped in cellophane.

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