Accidental audiophiles of 2020

I wonder how many others on this forum simply wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for this year’s otherwise dreadful pandemic?

Unexpected home confinement back in March made me realise my old and rather budget-conscious audio setup needed urgent improvement . And what better use for cash that would otherwise have been frittered away on my children’s upbringing than an Atom and a couple of Muso’s?

Anyway, I came to this forum for tips on wifi setup and screen freezes (nearly sorted now) and have gladly stayed for for the excellent music recommendations and much besides.

For someone who hasn’t really bothered much with audio equipment it’s been a real eye opener- especially of course the system porn. I seriously had no idea so many people had this kind of fabulous kit at home.

With my own financially-debilitating hobby (sailing) hopefully resuming in 2021, I’m unlikely to be joining the audiophile elite (do they keep a register down the station?). But thanks and respect to everyone who has made this forum such an entertaining and informative diversion in these dark times. I’ve learned a lot.


Nice, what sailing do you do Miles?

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Much the same here Miles. I’ve had Naim kit for years but never aspired to the top end. Money went on playing at racing driver and track days. This year money not spent and time on my hands coupled with a weak mind, has led me to where I am now.

Good luck with the sailing and a better new year (for us all).


Sell the boat get a statement:))


Anything with a fridge and cockpit speakers is my basic rule.

Actually the latter prompted me to check out whether Naim did marine-friendly audio units. As far as I can tell they’re only available on Princess motor cruisers which are nicely built craft but also, sadly, what the sailing fraternity likes to refer to as ‘stink boats’.

Someone need to get them hooked up with Oyster. Much more on-brand for Naim I’d say.


Shouldn’t be the goal: Having a Statement on your boat?
Or better: Having a Statement on each of your boats?


If you take over a gas company from the state for a couple of millions, then maybe… till then one vice only

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Okay, back to topic:

I would not say, I am an accidental audiophile. I am interested in that topic over years now but I never planned to pay more than a certain amount on these products. And I definitely not planned to buy a naim product in 2020.

The year started very disappointing for me. I lost my job in spring (not directly pandemic related). Suddenly you are spending so much time at home. Due to pandemic reason travelling and other activities outside your four walls were limited. Even when I started a new job I spend so much time at home. When my Denon AV receiver stopped working, I asked myself: What are you waiting for? And that was the right question. I bought a Naim Uniti atom (so the most basic product most of the users here could think of). However I never enjoyed my time on the couch so much before. And there is something which is even more exiting than Hifi products themselves: It is discovering new music every week and rediscovering the music collection.


I think you’ve hit the mark there.
" I’ve never enjoyed so much time on the couch"

We are having a random play session from the nas and boy is it good. Turned up just past 9 o clock on the dial and Stimg followed by Paul Weller followed by Oleta Adams followed by Hank Williams followed by Johny Cash. It’s real quality me time.
If you have to be stuck indoors, Naim makes it not just possible but pleasurable.


You’re right. Will hold its value better and doesn’t need its underside spraying with smelly paint every year or two.

One here.
Although i love music and the brand , i dont use any kind of social networks in my life.
Must however admit that upon registration of my system, create an account on the old fórum. Then after a 3 year hiatus, came Back ( to the new one) searching some wisdom and sugestions in different matters.

To much time ( versus old life) to spare. Suddenly, in consequence of confinement ( work done in house) I gained 3hours per day.
Even with my training habits and playing Lego with my 9yo son, i Still have some time to keep coming here. :wink::partying_face:


Great to have you here.

Cheers! :partying_face:


I got back into hi-fi with Naim about 6 years ago. This year I invested in dedicated headphone setups, as loud listening time was severely restricted during the lockdowns and school closures.




Audiophile re-born, After a brief hifi hiatus (25 Years !) 2020 was the year i disappeared back down the the rabbit hole, My word its moved on a touch from the simple days of a turntable , amp and speakers, Having kept loosely in touch I’ve ended up with a Uniti Star, Acoustic research AE500 speakers and a Rel Sub. Wow Its a well worn cliche but my music has literally had new life breathed into it, Ive been a committed spotify listener for many years, and have only ever experienced it via car audio, bluetooth speakers and head phones, to hear music through this system is absolutely incredible, got it hooked up to the TV as well, hence the Rel. It looks amazing to boot, one very happy bunny


I still have the NAD 3020 amp I bought as a teenager in 1980 in my only previous foray into (strictly budget) audiophilia.

Everyone bought that amp at the time, it seemed, along with a certain Sansui turntable (SR 222?) and Mission speakers, the model of which escapes me.

Biggest mistake was not replacing the 300 or so vinyl records that got irretrievably flood damaged when the mains pipe in my place burst circa 1998. Like a twit i used the insurance money on CDs instead.

With streaming now sounding so good i don’t feel an overwhelming need to start again with vinyl- but I do miss those records.


700s? Decent. More than.

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posted in error. disregard.

Could be, now you mention it. They certainly sounded good at the time.

In those distant sepia-tinted days we actually got student grants for our three years of loafing about at university. As I recall it was my flat mate who originally got hold of the Missions by blowing most of one term’s grant on a pair.

Which meant that although he spent the next three months living off beans on toast we did have one pretty damned good hifi system between us.

Totally with you. I remember a non-student guy slightly older than us coming into the living room in our flat at university. One of my flatmates had a Trio DD deck with Rega R100 and A&R A60 on the sideboard, and kit built monster Kefs [104s?]. I think he remarked that, ‘it was good to see the student grant being spent so stylishly.’


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