Accidental audiophiles of 2020

I’d say I’m an accidental audiophile. I bought better and better equipment over the years to make the music better just by going into HiFi shops and asking for demos of stuff in my budget. I’d been going down that route for years before I bought my first hifi mag and heard the term.
Still class myself more as a music lover than an audiophile.

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That was my first ‘proper’ system too, except that I had Ram Compact speakers (whatever happened to them?)
My first aim on arriving in London as a student in 1981 was to head to Billy Vee, and that’s what I bought. I was rather surprised at myself, ending up with a Japanese turntable after becoming increasingly aware of the whole British source first thing, but that SR222 Mk2 was great, and I can honestly say that I had as much fun with that system as I’ve ever had since.


I still have an old pair of Mission 720s from that vintage. Not in use though. Used to power them from a Pioneer receiver and Dual deck. Rave reviews at the time from the likes of ‘What Hi-Fi’.

The rubber on one of the woofers fell apart after about 25 years, subsequently replaced.

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