Accidentally purchased a din4 to rca hi line cable

Back in 2014 I purchased a hiline with Din 4 to rca thinking it was Din 5. Just today I’ve decided it is intended to connect a Naim pre to an unbalanced amp from a different manufacturer. I have a 282 and am looking at 250 v 300 but this recent discovery opens the range of possibilities. As a long time forum member, I’m aware that most feel Naim amp need Naim pre but I’m not sure if using a Naim pre into a non Naim power amp is common.

Anybody care to share their experiences with this configuration?

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I recently tried a Class D muscle amp on a 252. I was comparing it side-by-side with a SN2 in power amp mode that I was using at the time. They were close, but the SN2 was more musical. I’ve since added a 250 to the 252, and it’s in a different league to the Class D - no comparison really.


I’m using a Quad “Artera Stereo”, which is latest implementation of the original current dumping implementation first seen in the Quad 405, to give my Nova more grunt in my second system. It’s a genuine 140 watt amplifier which is tolerant of difficult loads and it costs only £1500 new. It’s big, heavy and black so doesn’t look too out of place with Naim equipment.

To me it sounds fine driving my SL2s, but I haven’t tried to compare it with the 250DR in my main system.




I’m curious as to why you’re going down this route when you have the Rossini which already has a built in pre-amp. Why not go direct to a power amp rather than via a Naim pre-amp or do you need to use other sources and need the extra inputs ?

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If you look at my profile you’ll see I use a 282, two HCDRs and a significantly upgraded MF Nu Vista 300 power amp. I use a WH Morgana din to rca to connect sound from HC to power amp. Works well for me.

Exactly james, I have already pointed him in that direction on his other thread.
If no other sources then I would go directly into a true balanced amp or mono blocks using the xlr’s, let the rossini do the volume

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Ah - just seen your post in the other thread.

Like you james, if I was in his position, I would certainly be look at this way as it makes sense in every department

Have 2 analog sources. Also… my understanding is Naim power amps don’t work well with non Naim pre amps.

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Ah I see - You need the additional analogue inputs so that approach makes sense.

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