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Finally got around to putting in dedicated 20 amp circuits for my hifi. Bought the deep cryo Hubbel receptacles from avo in red not the orange I’d wanted but what can I do… The process was a bit more complicated than expected and the price is likely 3x the estimate but it’s done and looks pretty nice if not perfect.

The improvement to sq is beyond what I was expecting. After a few hours I wondered why I didn’t do this back in 2013. Definitely a high benefit to cost investment. Wish I had put in three including the two deep cryo outlets and a third of same model but not deep cryoed. No sure how much improvement comes from that vs just the isolated circuit.

All the audiophile thingies have been improved. The improvement in micro details improve the soundstage in all three dimensions. The noise floor dropped substantially and everything sounds more realistic. The bass, for some reason, also sounds even tighter. All this improves listening at lower than idea volumes which is a major priority for me.

Ah, that’s the main thing.

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Do you have a dedicated circuit?

No, but its on my list …as many recommend it.
Just need to get my sparky mate to look at the schematic which another member kindly reposted at my request on another thread.
Glad yours has been positive.

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That’s great @Katzky2021.relatively cheap upgrade.
Did your electrician simply run the 20 amp line from the circuit breaker with its own dedicated breaker to the Hubbel outlets?

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Good job.
For many others the prospect of doing such a job is in relative terms a great upgrade, although it seems a big effort to get the right people on board to carry out the work.
Wouldn’t it be great to have a word with your local dealer who can recommend electricians fit for the job.

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Yes but it was complicated by the location and the fact my breaker panel was already full. Now I want to do one for headphones in the bedroom…

Nice one.
If the cables and outlets are all new, the improvement will continue for a while. Long(er) runs and outlets take considerable time to settle in. Solid conductors even more so.

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