Achievement Unlocked: Made a Decision and Sent Payment

It took significant effort to finalize my new system but have signed contracts and wired money so it’s now set in stone.

My new system consists of

  1. HRS SXR rack with four shelves
  2. Audionet Humboldt integrated amp
  3. Magico A5 speakers
  4. Benchmark headphone amp
  5. Torus power conditioner

Also… I bought a 552.

Only decision left is XLR interconnect.

Thanks to all who participated in my previous thread.


552 and an integrated?

How will that work?

Are you making 2 systems?

Do you know the track, The Blues, on this album?

They were having a good time that night.

So the die having been cast indeed was not final…


Casting dies was a very popular form of gambling and once the die is cast usually it continues.

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Were you too uncertain about the Heisenberg with the 552?


I’m going to have two systems for a short period. Really wanted a super integrated vs separates. My daughter likes the Naim system so maybe I’ll gift it to her at some point. Well she likes the speakers mostly so going to keep those for her.

Hope you’re happy with it!

Wish you many hours glorious listening :grinning:

Audionet humbolt, a real beast. 42k euros. Well done Katrzy ! :+1:

A ‘super integrated’ is an integrated.

It jams a meaty power supply system into one box right next to lots of electronic components that are sensitive to vibration and EM noise.

Ahh you beat me to it, very good!

It will however put seriously a 252/Supercap / 300dr/ 300 ps into trouble. Maybe at least.

Picture from the Audionet website

Lovely air-conditioning unit.

If that thing doesn’t earn the right to be titled “super” then I don’t know what does.


It weighs 122 lbs , 12 lbs more than the Vitus SIA030. Probably the biggest and heaviest integrated in the market.

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One will require strong servants to lift it into place.

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Wow. That’s 55 kg. That’s crazy.

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Actually it’s got a peak power usage of something like 1800W, making it a passable heater (whether one wants it or not)

The neighbours will love it when Katzky starts blasting out ‘Back in Black’ at 2am.

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Why all the negativity? If it was a 552/500 people would be shouting ‘congratulations’ from the rooftops. While the Audionet is certainly a beast at 61kg, a 552/500 weighs in at 55kg. The Humboldt, while very deep, is only 320mm high and has no requirements for three massive burndies and a Snaic, not to mention four shelves to make it work. It’s great that there are viable alternatives to Naim out there, let’s not be rude if people make other choices.


I don’t notice anyone being rude.

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