Acoustic albums

I realised earlier that I’m a huge fan of acoustic versions of non-acoustic (electric?) songs.

Eagles ‘Hell freezes Over’, for example, absolutely stunning. And I’ve recently found myself defaulting to A-ha ‘MTV Unplugged - Summer Solstace’ for a great relaxing album.

Are there any other great acoustic versions of non-acoustic albums out there?


The Cure’s “acoustic hits” is a superb partner to the regular greatest hits compilation, basically an acoustic reworking of every song.

Not an acoustic reworking of an album, but of his most loved songs. Richard Thompson’s Acoustic Classics 1 & 2, and than Acoustic Rarities,


Maybe not the same genre as the Eagles but the two I listen to in this category are Nirvana Unplugged and Alice In Chains Unplugged


Thanks all, I have some new albums, and a new artist to listen to :slight_smile:

The Cure album isn’t on Tidal unfortunately

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I have always enjoyed ‘Eric Clapton - Unplugged.’


Acoustic from Everything but the Girl is my favorite among all the unplugged albums. No longer easy to find, but worth the search in my opinion.


Both are superb.


This is my favorite acoustic album I think Altan are always unplugged. You can hear the real acoustic bass and it sounds great. The late great Bob Crump of TG Audio recommended this one to me and he was right as always.

This is my second favorite. Muddy Waters unplugged is more in keeping with the tone of the original post.

Richard Thompson’s 1000 Years of Popular Music would fit what you are looking for, and it has a version of Brittany Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again” which is remarkable. I have the CD set and also have that song on a vinyl 45 with St. Vincent Black Lightning on the other side.


I just love Alice In Chains Unplugged. Nutshell was a regular demo track when demonstrating Naim kit at shows.


Prefab Sprout: Steve McQueen acoustic

Cannot recommend this too highly. Previously only available as a 2 CD special edition with the original re-master this acoustic version is now being sold individually. It is brilliant, reveals whole new ideas from the originals. Paddy McAloon is a songwriting genius in my book.

A nod to Jeff Tweedy: Together at Last which is almost wholly acoustic solo versions from the Wilco catalogue. Not every track really flies but some are great.



+1 on Prefab Sprout. I have the double CD and didn’t realise that it was a double CD album when I bought it. The acoustic disc is different, but also very good.


This and Clapton Unplugged are the two that sprang to mind for me, both are on Tidal.

For any Black Crowes fans it’s worth checking out Croweology, a double mainly acoustic set of their back catalogue, very good indeed.


This album hits the spot. :sunglasses:


Reckoning by the Grateful Dead is a wonderful live acoustic album. I use it as a main benchmark when assessing equipment (so does Paul Messenger).

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Graham Parker’s acoustic “Squeezing Out Sparks” vinyl and CD.

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Clayhill - Small Circle (acoustic version) is wonderful. The talents of Gavin Clark (RIP), Ted Barnes & Ali Friend were on display with this alternative version of Small Circle. All their albums are worth hearing.


Richard Thompson Acoustic Classics.
Superb, a vastly underrated artist.