Acoustics panels

Following the discussion on the subject, which closed last August,
I am attaching the new addition to my listening room.
Everything the forum member AHT wrote and I quote: They suck up room noise but don’t alter frequency response, as far as I can tell. A whole new level of realism and focus for my SL2s with a minimum of fuss. Takes place.
In addition they bring more focused with greater ambiance and less bloom to the bass making it
more realistic and tight.
And all this without measurements / calibrations / and data checking.
For me they do the job.
All this does not contradict the experience of others in measuring the room and adjusting the acoustic treatment, depending on the results.


Have you considered Printed Acoustic Panels? You may be able to include that picture you have already? No idea if they are any good though.

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Which acoustic panels are these?

Beautiful idea,
But the existing picture satisfies me, beyond the fact that the addition requested by STILLPOINT exceeds the budget I have devoted to these panels.

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stillpoints aperture

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