Acrylic cover for Rega P10

I searched the forums and found a couple closed topics, and having a hard time finding names of manufacturers. Please recommend manufacturers of the cube, acrylic cover for Rega P10. Either custom made or commercially available are both welcomed. Thanks everyone!

Wouldn’t the project “cover it” fit?

SRM Tech do some turntable covers, although I have had no personal experience with them

Try Luminati in Devon. Their LD94-Custom cover is good value, well made and to your exact design. They also send a proof drawing before they make it. You can add cable cut outs etc.

Groove audio make one too. But 245 dollars.

Maybe Richard Dane will show you his custom made . Don’t remember the name.

No commercial links in the Hifi Corner please, thanks.

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It’s a Project Cover-it 5/9.


This has me off to a great start. Thank you

@Richard Dane prohibits commercial links, but then allows dealer to advertise their warez and services within the forum, rules are rules. Simple search engines find the desired results. Some dealers have customers worldwide thanks to these forums.

Your regular reminder that Richard Dane is not @Richard.


No dealers are allowed to advertise either their goods or their services on the forum. Naim dealers can discuss Naim products and some related other products in passing (I’ve traditionally given some leeway re. discussion of the Linn Sondek here) but otherwise, not allowed to discuss other brands.

The Rega P10 does indeed look like a refreshing new approach for vinyl lovers and wow the price looks also manageable. I assume that it is alot more user friendly and maintainable than the LP12. Hmmmm …

The P10 is wonderful, and I’d heartily recommend it. It’s a doddle to set up and needs no maintenance.

The two terrarium solutions shown are both with the older RP10, which of course has no lid once the outer plinth is removed. The current P10 really has no need for anything other than the supplied cover.

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Does the cover have some kind of latch on it to stop it accidentally spinning on the platter? Interested to know how it functions.

And think there is a similar cover for the P8 (which is probably more in my price range )?

Hi Nigel,
I seem to remember that you had an LP12 from my earlier forum days. I suppose there is no regret to get rid of the turntable but all your record collection I assume that you regret getting shot of that.
I like my LP12 after the last Upgrades that I did in 2005, but find the rega deck is possibly excellent with all those new materials and fresh ideas that have gone into making it. I will definitely look further into this next year as I do find in some ways that Linn have lost the plot with their cash cow….
All the best

If you look to the right of the spindle you’ll see a little silver bit - that’s the top of a spike that fits into the centre of the rear leg to stop the cover moving; it’s very clever.

There was a lot of crap in the collection but it would have been nice to have kept a couple of hundred. At the time it was an essential part of life laundry and hindsight is a wonderful thing of course.

Many thanks

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