Active Naim Kudos hierarchy

Now the demo days are well over (Cymbiosis, Signals, Acoustica), unfortunately I couldn’t get to any of them and I wondered who has gone ahead with any of the options? Having years ago gone from 4x135s to 1x500 with SL2s I wondered if similar considerations apply in the new paradigm?

So, with Kudos Titan 808s, are 3x300s better than 1x500 (presumably in most cases), how much better then are 3x500s and how about the prospects of mixing 300s and 500s; does it work: which amp on which driver? Are 3x500s better than 1x Statement!? Impact of non-DR vs DR? Has anyone tried 3xStatements/is it possible!!?

Is there a clear hierarchy?

Interested in any relevant experience…



Hi Neil, you will probably get mixed views. I preferred the single 500 to active 300,s with the 707. But the active 500,s with the 808,s i liked more than the Statement amps…in each case its just a preference…both were mighty fine. The 606,s active with 250,s…my preference again was a single 300 amp. Best to hear for your self. These were heard at Signals and also at their Audio show east.

Thats Naim’s hierarchy of power amps, a bigger amp will always have a wide band width no matter as to how many are being used. Therefore, in theory a single Nap 500, will always outperform any number of Nap 300’s. However, as you say, its all going to be down to personal choice.

@NB60 I went to the Cymbiosis open day for me the active system on the day was sublime - used Lp12, ND555 and 300 active through T808

recently called back in and Peter was driving his t808 with 3 x 250 active - which again sounded superb though LP12 - I am sure he is still running this

I think I am right is saying the T808 are 3 way and T707,606 and 505 are two way, Kudos are so easy to drive the 3 x2 50Dr was a delight through T808

for me the T505 are certainly on my radar my choice will be 2 x 250 active or 300DR which I love in my system

just as you think you are sorted, something else comes along!

@nb60 called into @Cymbiosis yesterday afternoon

Peter was still running his T808 active with 3 x 250DR, he has the full range of Titans in current stock and demo, I have my eye on he T505!!!


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