Active SL2 vs Active SCM40s

My system is currently CDS3/52/Supercap/SNAX02-4/Supercap/4x135s/SL2s. I love it for sure, but I would like to reduce the box count and cabling if I could.

Been musing over the ATC SCM40As ever since I heard them a few months ago.

Would I be crazy to move out the SNAXO/Supercap/135s/SL2s for the SCM40s?

I know this is the Naim forum so I’m sure many will say I’m crazy to even contemplate it, but…

Hmm, interesting. I can certainly see the attraction and it’s something I thought about but with the 20ASLT rather than the 40. The problem with SL2s is that they are truly exceptional speakers. They are not impressive but allow you to listen to involving music for hours on end. I’ve tried a few other speakers in the gap between my former and current ownership of SL2s and while some seemed great to start with, they turned out to be a bit uninvolving long term.

Before making such a change you’d be wise to have a long home demo of at least a month. I’m sure ATC would facilitate this as they are a really nice company to deal with. Put the SL2s and 135s in another room and just use the ATCs. After the month put the old stuff back. If you immediately think ‘great, my music is back’ you can send the ATCs packing. If on the other hand you think ‘hmm, this isn’t as nice as listening to the other speakers’ then get shot of the Naim stuff. It’s really important to focus in musical enjoyment and engagement and to set aside image, bass, treble and that stuff. You want a speaker you can forget about, not one that draws attention to itself. Hope that helps!


Another forum member recently considered active ATC 100 vs his active dibbles with Nap500,s…he ended up going back to a single nap 500 and his dibbles. He was then able to move his speakers to a better listening position, and he is happy.
Have you considered selling the active kit and trying a 250 or 300. Even with a 300 you will have box reduction, even greater with a 250?

I could use another 2x135 242 snaxo and a S/C for my 52/Sl2 setup. So my advice is go for it!!!:star_struck:


I run SCM40As and love them. However, in your situation I think there are a couple of “buts”.

Firstly, how you rate the ATCs vs your active SL2 setup may depend on your tastes in music. Most of my listening is to classical, jazz, acoustic folk where the wonderful ATC midrange driver is at its most revealing. I love the natural ‘musicians in the room’ sound they produce, the tiny details they reveal even in complex musical passages and the feeling of limitless headroom they exhibit. The way they reproduce piano is nonpareil in my experience.

Secondly, I came from 250DR driving PMC Fact 3s, so considerably lower down the Naim hierarchy than you. If you’re seriously considering ATC actives (and your room is suitable) you should probably be thinking about active 50s to stay at the same level. ATC manage to maintain a clear family sound throughout their range but the bass goes lower, the amps are higher quality and you get ‘super’ versions of the drivers. They cost a lot more of course!

I agree with HH that a home demo is essential. I would try to find a good dealer who stocks both Naim and ATC and arrange for a shop demo and then try them at home. That’s what I did and it has certainly paid off.



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