Active speakers ATC/Dynaudio/PMC/Focal

Some did, back in the 1960s and early 70s at least. And my own first (DIY) amp used DIN for that reason.

However, in my own experience of both DIN and XLR connectors, I have been impressed by XLR, but not DIN (though I don’t have experience of NAIM’s particular choice of DIN). XLR is just about universal in studio, broadcast and other pro audio applications, with both low level signals (e.g.microphones) and line-level as in interconnects.

Yes, I’ve been enjoying XLRs for for some time:

Primare Pre 30 > Arcam P1 Mono Blocks > 2 Meters of Linn K 20 all connected with inexpensive Audioquest King Cobra!

Great with long runs!

If one is trying to remove unwanted noise, it just makes sense to utilize a balance system.

I’m no technophile by a long shot, I just noticed most of the high end gear uses XLRs!

Hence, Da Statement!

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DIN connections are to Naim what the lightning connector is to Apple. Naim and Apple are very very similar…

I’ve got a Vega G2.1 coming next week hopefully.

What’s the upgrade to 2.1 from 2

Just changes to the chassis I believe, everything else the same . Maybe slightly taller to accommodate the change but looks the same .

Hope you enjoy, I’m delighted with mine.
Let me know how you get on.

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