Active speakers

I wondered if anybody has heard the Dynaudio focus active speakers?
I’m interested in how they compare to Naim systems.

I own Dynaudio XD 600’s,I use them with a Core/NDS/XPSDR.They are hard wired with Nordost Heimdall 11 digital cables,from the NDS digital out.I have also owned several Naim systems,UQ2…SN2/Highcap DR…272/XPS/250DR to compare them to.I think they retain the “Naim sound” very well,by feeding them a Naim source.Basically,quality recordings sound like live musicians in the room.It is hard to describe exactly the differences between this system,and my non active systems (with Naim) because the speakers are different.Happy to answer any questions you have.I should add,I also demoed the Focus XD 200’s for a week,before I ordered the 600’s,so I am familiar with those too.

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I´m in down sizing mode and in love with all features from Atom features like remote, multi room, hdmi etc, I really want to go for active speakers (and maybe keep my sub). I can see that many uses digital out to active speakers which the Atom does not support. Is that a big issue? Any suggestions?

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