Active system demo in Yorkshire

I’m not sure if this is allowed in the forum rules, please delete or moderate if not.

I am interested in upgrading my current Naim Olive 2x 135’s/passive SBL’s system to active and wanted to ask if any forum members in the Yorkshire area currently have an active Naim system I might be able to listen to.

A similar system would be of most interest for comparison, in return if the forum member was interested I can offer my system for a demo.

My current system also includes an Innuos Zenith SE which may be of interest to some forum members who may be interested to listen to one in a Naim system.

Welcome to the forum and hopefully someone can help you soon.


Thanks Richard, I’ve been reading the Forum for years (old forum and now new community) but only signed up a couple of weeks ago.

I’m in the East Riding of Yorkshire to give forum members a rough idea of where I’m based. I suppose the alternative would be to maybe ask a dealer who had all the suitable boxes to set up a demo.

I know there is still at least one who still has all the necessary old stuff, trouble is there 100’s of miles away.

Give Moorgate Audio in Sheffield a ring. Very helpful


Will do, thanks.

I am also in the East Riding near York. Do you happen to be a customer of a certain Hi-Fi shop in York as they may be able to help.

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Welcome Yorkshireman, I’m also based in East Yorkshire but dont own an active system but good luck it’s a big county I’m sure someone will chip in.

I’ve been a fan of active systems for years. Although i never had SBLs I did run my IBLs active with olive ixo and 180’s for a while. I wasn’t a great fan of the ixo but it definitely improved things. IBLs were always fast speakers but in active mode they were amazingly open and transparent. Changing to an olive snaxo/hc was a big improvement again. Many years ago I went from passive to active Isobariks. That is a whole world of difference and now, many years later I’ve worked my way back to active Briks. I think if you like what active systems do then it’s difficult to go back to passive. There are of course drawbacks. Not least the additional rack space required and the mess of spaghetti behind the boxes. Good luck with trying to put together a dem, or at least trying to hear another active set up.


I have been into the Organisation you speak of and will enquire.

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I’ve had to prune back some posts. No matter how well intentioned you posts may be, would members be mindful of forum rules, thank you.

As Richard has pointed out, we can’t give personal details in the forum (for our own safety) and we can’t private message each other either so this thread is somewhat stumped. I’ll just have to see if there are any dealers that I can visit for a demo.

Thank you to everyone that replied.

I did also add though in my message to you that if anybody wished to get in touch to offer you a demo of their active system then I could act as go between for any consent to contact, provided it complies with forum rules and our privacy policy.

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Thanks Richard, very much appreciated.

I will be going to the North West Audio show at The Devere Hotel, Cranage Hall on the 29th and 30th of June so will be over Cheshire way and would be free either Friday 28th June or Monday 1st July.

As previously posted, if you have an active system I could listen to please go through Richard who will act as a go between.

Richard how do i send yoj a message, as looked and couldn’t see how?

Dunc, you can flag a post here and then send me a message, or email Naim for my attention and they can poss it on to me.

Well i think i might have flagged it

Hi Dunc, the flag is just bellow the last post just underneath where it states:

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Alternatively you can email Richard at: Mark the subject as FAO Richard.

Yep done that

Would forum members recommend 4x 135’s or 2x 135’s and something else like a 250 or 300 for an active system.