Active to passive

Well i have been running active for well over 10 years
Firstly with a 82 and 250’s and sbl’s.
Then with a 52, 3 250’s and S600.
Very happy with it i was until i stared listening to a freinds system (colin)
So a nds/555 joined in and rega P8 and it was ok, but not really as good as it should be, so i borrowed colin’s 552 (yes we all remember that journey lol) and yes in the end i made the jump myself to a 552, better, yes but when i borrowed a ND555 to try and couldn’t really hear much difference, alarm bells started to ring in my head.
So since then i have been trying to find the main problem, i was so hung up on active that i didn’t really want to change much as the costs just go through the roof, but after many chats and demonstrations with paul (hifi lounge) we came to a big decision that moved my system on.
Big change needed and a big leap from me, so out with my 3 old olive amps, S600, snaxo and supercap and in with a 300dr and pmc fact 12’s.
A very different system and very different sounding, yes i guess i could have stayed active and gone with more 300 amps, but my main problem was the speakers, they were just to big for my room and placement just made things 10 times worse, so yesterday i picked up the pmc’s and connected them to the nicely warmed up 300dr, put my favourite ripped track on the melco, sat back and hit play.
Well i was god smacked quite simply, the clarity, detail and just speed difference was massive, even my wife said god that sounds much better, i have since been going through my favourite tracks and can hear stuff that i have never before on my system, i can’t actually believe it.
Not saying passive is the way go, but sometimes you need to try other things, i had sort off buried my head in the sand with active, as i had done it for so long, but so glad i was talked into going down this road.
Also loving the 300dr, was going to get a 500dr, but was talked out of it for now by paul, as he said i didnt need it and better to spend the money on the fact 12’s over the fact 8’s and must say he was right.
The pmc fact 12’s are just fantastic, very easy on placement, great looking slim design that really kicks and i would advise anyone looking for new speakers to go try them.
Well there we go, i still at times cant believe i have moved away from active, well thats until i hit play.


Nice post and good to hear you are happy with your system, when they really sing you can’t beat it

Dunc, glad you have resovled the issue and are enjoying your new items.

Had 2 problems really, but the main one was wrong speakers for room, really highlights that speakers and room are very important as we know. Also that i like, detailed fast music over smooth and relaxed.
System looks small now on the rack and cant believe i have moved over from olive to black.
The only problem now is, i know my system will show up the difference between nds and nd555, but that will have to wait a year or so, as hifi fund has been smashed out the ball park, but very happy with the results and got quite a bit of gear to shift

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Well after just plonking my speaker’s down in the room and just playing music and enjoying the new life they have added to my system, tonight i have moved them about and got them sounding even better, so for now i will leave them to settle in and see how we go.
But loving the new sound these speakers and just one 300DR has done to my system, i still at times look at my rack and think where has it all gone, but them ovators were just to big and may be my olive 250’s just to old? Anyway the sound has come on massively and really enjoying hearing all this extra details that has been hidden somewhere in my room.

Great outcome Dunc and those Fact12s are superbly capable, as is the 300DR.

Best regards, BF

The more significant thing you’ve done is not change from active to passive, but change speakers.

Next thing to do is tri-amp the Fact 12s, (3x500s of course! Or 500 on bass and 2x300s) for even better sound…!!!

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I have no doubt that active systems can be the best available. However, they are inherently complex in Naimland, with many boxes, wires and connections. There is a lot to keep on top of and a lot to go wrong. I am sure in this case the change of speakers is significant, but generally I am put off active for this reason.

I agree about the speakers 100%, but the costs involved with upgrading my system and keeping it active just wasn’t worth it for me.
Very happy passive and didnt think i would have said that 6 months ago, but there you are

Glad you have found a sweet spot, and your dealer seems to be very supportive👍

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