Actualizar Unitiqute 2 a Atom

Hola amigos
Tengo un Unitiqute 2+ Sonus Faber Chameleon B en Estanteria de fondo cerrada (hueco a 55, a 45, f 35)+Subwoofer de 120W,con uso en habitacion principal de 25 m2, con buenos resultados.Discoteca en NAS y plataformas Spotify y Tidal.Todo tipo de musica. Poco espacio para pensar en equipos de 40 cm de ancho.
La aparicion del Atom, con su magnifico aspecto y la tonteria habitual de los aficionados, me ha hecho concebir la ilusion de actualizar el equipo, con un presupuesto total de 5.000 euros.
¿Que opináis?
¿ Que altavoces podrían acompañar al Atom?
¿Se podria lograr un salto de calidad perceptible para un presupuesto de este tamaño?
¿ Que cajas recomendarías para este equipo? Creo que mantendria Sumiko salvo opiniones en contra.
Saludos y Gracias

Hello friends
I have a Unitiqute 2+ Sonus Faber Chameleon B in Closed bottom shelf (hole 55, 45, f 35) + 120W subwoofer, used in the main room of 25 m2, with good results. Disco on NAS and Spotify platforms and Tidal.All kinds of music. Little space to think about teams of 40 cm wide.
The appearance of the Atom, with its magnificent appearance and the usual nonsense of the fans, has made me conceive the illusion of updating the equipment, with a total budget of 5,000 euros.
What is your opinion?
What speakers could accompany the Atom?
Could a noticeable quality jump be achieved for a budget of this size?
What boxes would you recommend for this team? I think Sumiko would keep it except opinions to the contrary.
Greetings and thanks

Nae bother. :+1:


Indeed , i was about to suggest Google translate… :joy:

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Im on your shoes. Also have a UQ2. I think that, for an upgrade, i would make an effort for a bigger jump. A used SU ou Nova if you can keep In the budget.

UQ2 to Átom doesnt seem a great upgrade… IMO

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I’ve never had a Unitiqute, so can’t comment on it, but my new (well ex-demo) Atom arrived a couple of days ago. I’m currently using it with Neat Iota speakers. They were chosen partly because others have that combination and speak highly of it, but mostly because the system is for my office which means the speakers have to be able to be wall mounted, which the Iotas are. But I have also heard an Atom with little Dynaudio Emit speakers at a local audio show and, to me and several others, they were amongst the stars of the show.

How does the Atom/Iota sound? Well the speakers only have a few hours on them and, apparently need at least 200 hours to fully break in, so any assessment has to be provisional. But so far I am very impressed. I mostly listen to acoustic music, mainly classical, jazz and folk and want my system to create a realistic portrait of the musicians. This it already does. As I type, I’m listening to a locally streamed High Res jazz album from a band led by a bassist and it paints a vivid picture. The lower notes of the double bass are inevitably curtailed by comparison with the full-range system in the lounge. But that costs 5 times as much as the Atom/Iotas. To be frank I am surprised by the amount of detail coming through, sound staging too, not always a characteristic I associate with Naim.

As well as highly involving sound I think the Atom is brilliantly designed, both from a visual and an ergonomic viewpoint. It sits on my desk and I’m very happy with it there. So I would strongly recommend an Atom. Both Neat and Dynaudio work well with it, but others will no doubt make alternative suggestions. But whether it’s a sufficient jump in SQ from UQ, will depend on lots of things. As @anon29651526 suggests a Nova might be a better buy if you want the lifestyle appearance or, perhaps even better SQ, an ND5XS2/Nait XS3 at around the same price, particularly with your room size.



Hello friends

I appreciate your contributions, but I was a little disappointed as I expected more
activity in the answers. Surely there are many people who have made this change or are about to do it?

You could add a nap100 amp while they are still available, but personally I wouldn’t swap a uq2 for an atom.

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