Ad for NAP500DR

Just a friendly warning to be cautious if anyone thinking of responding to the ad on that well known auction site. The same ad and pic showing only one box has appeared and disappeared at least 4 times over the last few days to my knowledge, showing a different advertiser and contact details each time. As the saying goes, draw your own conclusions …

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I reported this to eBay yesterday when it appeared with a 250 and also some Kudos Titans. They were all removed very quickly. Looks like we need to report again!

There’s already a thread going for this perhaps @Richard.Dane could merge?

I did have a quick look for another thread but obviously missed it! Its just an illustration of how careful you have to be when buying on line. There are a lot of scammers and criminals about.

I reported it yesterday am but it was still advertised later in the day. A snip at £2.50 for the lucky buyer!

Indeed :roll_eyes:

These items have been appearing with different sellers for over a month now. As soon as eBay removes them they pop up again with a new seller. If you look at the sellers other items there are a lot of dodgy items for sale, cameras, tractors, bikes, telehandlers, horse box, etc. All on 24 hour auctions and with really low starting prices.

I noticed that too - definitely to be avoided

Anybody responding to that advert needs to give their head a wobble.

It needs to be reported really. Hoping the only bids are from the sellers own accounts and not some poor sap who thinks they’re going get a bargain priced 500.

Unfortunately some people are that gullible!


That’s a frightening thought. :thinking: :frowning:

Buying on eBay should be fine so long as you do a bit of digging. Look at previous items, ALL feedback, then ask a few questions. A good seller who knows their kit will stand out a mile. You could also be dealing with someone who’s selling it on behalf of family member who might have passed on, so you need to tread a bit more carefully but you always know best after a few messages.

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I wouldn’t even bother reporting. Customers in the market for real Naim gear know what they are after. Prospective buyers for knockoffs were never viable Naim customers in the first place.

It really has very little impact in reality. It’s only an issue if they start to be good enough to fool reputable dealers. That’s not going to happen. And they aren’t going to end up in a hifi show damaging Naim’s reputation with poor performance.

A few years ago I was nearly duped on a pair of NAP135s, in reality I should have realised immediately that’s something wasn’t right and looking back I was fortunate, if a little ill educated on the dangers of ebay

Sadly these people seem to pray on the innocent and I tend to report listings when they appear to be fraudulent, in the hope that it prevents anyone being robbed of their hard earned cash

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These adds are not for knock-offs … they show and offer what purports to be the genuine item …

These bastards are cunning. Bottom line is, if any doubt don’t send any money or even better don’t bid!

Yes but the price, the deviation from the real product, are all dead giveaways.

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Not always obvious, though. Many years ago I saw an advert for NAP300 on Craigslist, at a reasonably good price - fairly cheap, but not ridiculously so (I think it was about £3000 or £4000 IIRC). Never delivered, no communications. Neither his bank nor mine were interested. An expensive error.

Even if one doesn’t intend to do it, I believe asking for a pick up and payment in cash is always a good idea. If a pick up is not possible then a scam it is.

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Indeed. I’ve travelled quite a bit to collect stuff and it has always been a good experience. Nice chat with people having similar interests.

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