Add amp to Unit Atom?

This is probably a stupid question but I have no idea so here goes… Can I connect a NAP 200 to my Uniti Atom as a power upgrade? It seems that the Atom outputs and NAP input are not compatible.
Is that correct? Is there a work-around for it?
I’m happy with the Atom and want to keep it but feel that my speakers might improve with a bit more power.

Not a stupid question, common actually. We fall in love with Atom, than we want more and more and more…I guess most would trade in the Atom for Star or Nova if they need more output.

What speakers are you running?

Harbeth P3ESR

Hi, I am using a NAP200 with my Atom to drive my Dynaudio Contour S 3.4 LE loudspeakers. Works like a charm. I use a Flashbacksales cable: cheap and good. I am very happy with the addition of the NAP.

Nice…I love the look of P3ESR, especially the olive finish. I considered them for my Atom, but they are hard to demo in NZ.

While more output power is good, the pairing on paper is actually not that bad. P3ESR are not the most sensitive at 83.5 dB, but their impedance is 6 Ohms which will make them slightly easier to drive. Harbeth also suggests amps with speaker output starting with 15W or higher.

Atom is rated at 40W by Naim, but in a review Atom measured at 45W into 8 Ohms, while into 4 Ohms it delivered 72W. That’s a output increase of 60%. Adding a power amp to Atom will help for sure, but is this the best long term approach. As I mentioned before perhaps consider trading it on a Star (70W / 8 Ohms) or even better Nova (80W / 8 Ohms) in place of second box and cables etc.

If you go down the path of separate power amp as @afgverhart mentioned Flashbacksales makes interconnects which will make the connection from Atom RCA sub/pre output to power amp 4 pin DIN. They do use high quality connectors same as Naim and offer few different cable options to consider.

Could you ask the dealer for a home demo of Star (same output as NAP 200 DR) or Nova? Or alternatively take your speakers to dealer for a demo, this will give you a performance difference and reference point with 70W / 80W amplifier.

Fun times no matter what you decide, all the best!

I ran an Atom with a NAP 100 into Harbeth P3esr’s. Sounded great. Than upgraded to Nova into Harbeth C7’s 40th Anniversary’s and then added a NAP 250 DR. Also sound great. Addition of NAPs definitely improved the Atom and Nova sound, respectively. It is a very good upgrade path.

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If considering going separate other options worth considering are NAC-N 272 / NAP 250 DR.

Or, SN 2 or now 3 (80W) with ND5 XS 2 / NDX 2.

Depending of combination, these systems also allow for future PS upgrades.

Thanks for all the replies. Great to know about the Flashbacksales interconnects. I do think the Atom has adequate power for the P3ESR’s. I think the combo sounds great.
But I hear quite a few people say those speakers need lots of power to sound their best so it definitely is something I’m interested in looking into. Problem is, there are no Naim dealers anywhere near me so I can’t do an audition before purchasing.

When I added the NAP 100 to the Atom there was a definite improvement in the overall SQ. The clarity of the P3s was greatly improved. A NAP 200 will show even greater improvement. You will not be disappointed in the increased SQ.

Does this imply that you might buy a new 200? If so, you might consider trading in the Atom for a Nova for a similar cost.

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If I can find a good used 200 I’d probably go for that. Otherwise trading up to the Nova is something I’ve considered. I’m not locked into any particular solution.

IT BEGS the question why the isn’t a uniti as a line source without the power amp

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