Add flac file to Core, help needed

Hi People,

I’ve downloaded a flac file from Burning Shed and moved it to the download folder on my Core but it doesn’t show as usual. It just shows as one file. Any ideas of how to fix this please? I’m running on a iMac.

Is the single file you can see playable? Either on your HiFi or on your iMac? I’m suspicious that it’s not just a regular stereo audio file despite it showing as a .flac as there is also 5-1 in the rather long title, maybe some sort of multi-channel audio?

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No, I can’t play it. I’ll send them an email.

Just re-read the web page, it’s a 5.1 version. There’s ten quid down the pan.

If you get in touch they might let you have the download you were trying to get. Worth a go if their customer service is any good.

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They offered a refund, so good service from Burning Shed.

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