Add Sub to Mu-So

Assistance please.

I currently have a Mu-So (Gen 1) and have been very happy with the sound quality. However, the largest drivers are only mid-range and whilst they produce very crisp and powerful bass, I’d like to add a sub to pick up the lower range and give the sound a bit more depth and fullness.

How can I add a sub, but keep the connectivity of being able to play from any device on our home network. Also, will there be any synchronicity issues between Mu-So and sub if the sub is not running off the Mu-So?

Sorry Trent, but just not really feasible. The mu-so products have no analogue or digital outputs for adding external amps, subs, headphones, etc.

You could always move up to a Uniti product c/w speakers and then add a sub if necessary. Move the mu-so into a second room and, if you wish, sync with Uniti via Naim m-room feature.

Thanks…it’s what I expected the answer to be.


IMaybe Mu-so 3 will either have sub out or ability to pair with wireless sub.
There’s is not much more to improve Mu-so 2 with, apart from maybe improved room correction dsp.

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