Added a HiLine to my SN2 & ND5 XS2 combo

I used to have two or three HiLines in my old system and sold them off once I dismantled it years ago due to having children and other priorities. I always really appreciated what they brought to the table, so figured it was time to throw one into the mix once again. I’m really glad I did. I’ve spent the last couple of nights listening with feet tapping and face bearing a grin on many an album. The one takeaway is that this IC really seems to extend the frequency extremes. All my other DIN-type cables came from Flashback (the Premiere line). I always liked their cables for my Naim gear, even over the Lavender. While not astonishingly better, the HiLine does things for this modest streamer/integrated combo that neither of those other two can.


Nice when you find things just clicking together and working well. I ran a similar setup myself for some time. I’d used Chord IC’s for many years as well as Naim Lavender and once I added in a Hi-Line things just made more sense and settled down to where they wanted to be.
Sometimes keeping things simple is the right approach, I’ve found myself at a similar point where I am today, now having a SN3 + NDX2 sat on a full Fraim.
I had a mind to return back to a NAC/NAP based system about a year ago but took a chance on the SN3 and the rest followed quickly after that, it’s been settling in through this year and when I come back to it after a few busy days and sit with a coffee or (ideally) a beer, it pins me to my seat and reminds me what it is capable of and takes me on another musical journey.
I know it has more to offer and can be taken further but as it stands in its current configuration it does such a wonderful job escaping from the world around and into a musical wonderland.
Enjoy your system and the foot tapping!

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Thanks, @Mr.M! That was really well stated. I couldn’t have said that better myself. I, too, had a pretty elaborate mostly Naim system once. I have lots of fond memories of it, but somehow this very simple stack on my trusty IsoBlue shelves just seems to gradually get things right without me obsessing over it. I’m relatively new to streaming, so apart from a few initial niggles that I’ve since hopefully rectified, I cannot remember a time where I’ve so looked forward to just sitting down and listening.
But I digress. I should’ve known to just get the HiLine from the outset. It’s quite a lift to what I already appreciated.

Sounds like you’ve found yourself in that happy place!
I had an Isoblue rack for many years and only recently let it go as it was just boxed up and not being used and the funds it provided went elsewhere. I was certainly happy with it and how it looked, a good choice there also.
I’m sure what you have will keep you entertained and enlightened for many years to come, and if the desire takes you and your funds allow you can make changes as you go of course, all part of the fun!


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